Stress and Weight Gain


Getting late for office , rush to prepare breakfast, deadlines at work, rush to feed your baby (Ana and Zee would agree 😛 )  – sounds familiar ? Our life is on a run always. We are always late for something or the other. In short, we face stress day in and day out.

Does it lead to weight gain ? The answer is Yes ! I am so sure about it because one of the major reason I have put on weight is STRESS in addition to aneamia. So , this post is backed my personal experience as well as numerous researches correlating weight & stress gain.

stress & weight gain

Let’s see how Stress causes Weight Gain.

  • When we are stressed , we release a stress hormone called ‘Cortisol’ which causes weight gain. Some research finds that higher levels of cortisol leads to increased abdominal fat. That’s why I always put on weight around my tummy, Huh Huh !
  • Cortisol also slows metabolism, hence we tend to gain weight even if are eating the same food. So our dieting and exercise goes for a toss !
  • Do you find yourself binging on carbs when you are anxious? Have you wondered why you crave for carbs only that time ? The reason is carbs are known to increase Serotonin temporarily. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter and helps us with our emotions, anxiety , stress, worries etc. So, carbs give a temporary relief which is very shortlived. Later, you crash ! This is called Emotional Eating which causes us to eat more calories and increase our weight 🙁
  • Stress also alters blood sugar levels which further causes fatigue , mood swings , hypertension and a lot more. Prolonged and acute stress has also been associated with metabolic syndrome , heart attack and diabetes.
  • When we are stressed and too busy to cook food at home, we opt for fast food which causes us to gain fat fast.
  • Have you ever craved for sweets, sugary foods or chocolate 😛 ? These cravings happen more when you are anxious or stressed.

stress and weight gain

So , how to De-stress ? Stay tuned for coming post !

Let us know if you have faced weight gain because of stress like me.

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  1. I am not into emotional eating at all ….I only eat more when I am not feeling well thinking more food will make me feel better..lolz

  2. I do agree that stress is unavoidable at times but after I came to USA I feel life is much more calmer as people are less stress causing and very professional in comparison.

    I have never had stress weight gain problem or eating due to stress. I handle stress with mantra jaap and I have started yoga, meditation and breathing exercises after coming here to keep myself calm and de stressed. Back in India I always felt too rushed to calm my mind enough for Yoga but after I got here, I am realizing how effective yoga and breathing exercises are and I have become much more patient in giving them a chance 🙂

    • Nice to know Sahana 🙂 . I understand the reasons that you have given. Here in India, there is hardly any peach of mindd

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