Top 8 Stress Relieving Hobbies


Top 8 Stress Relieving Hobbies

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Today’s world is stressful and we can’t run away from the fact. Work pressure or personal issues, stress seems to be plaguing our lives. While we can’t avoid it, we sure can do something to lessen the stress. You may ask what? Well, you can pursue some hobbies that are great stress-busters.

Top 8 Stress Relieving Hobbies

1) Gardening

Top Exercises To Lose Weight gardening

By getting you some sunshine and fresh air, gardening can help relieve stress. The surroundings of your home get beautiful and when you come back from a hectic day at office you see how your hard work has borne fruits. So get that your gardening kit out and start digging your garden.

2) Exploring photography

photography hobbies that relieve stress

Photography can be a great hobby. You might simply want to click better pics of your near and dear ones or you could delve deeper into the true art of photography. By seeing the world through the lens, your perspective towards things may change. It can be a wonderful diverting hobby that may make you feel that the world is the most beautiful place!

3) Scrap-booking

scrapbooking hobbies for relieving stress

Scrap-booking combines artistry with journaling. You create something that you can pass on to the next generation. It is more a female pastime and it offers social opportunities too. It gives you a break from the stresses of your life and makes you create something beautiful that even others can enjoy.

4) Puzzles

puzzle for stress relief

When you engage your mind in a puzzle you can divert your mind from what is stressing you. Another benefit is that it develops your brain power. The result of playing puzzle is that you get a good break from things and are ready to face your problems with a stronger and fresher mind. This will help in handling the stressors in your life better. So, allot sometime to play puzzles.

5) Drawing

Painting to relieve stress

Drawing helps you in getting in touch with your artistic side. It distracts you from daily life and manages your stress. It is a way to process emotions. You might create something beautiful from your imagination and it will fill you with immense happiness.

6) Playing a musical instrument

health benefits of music 3

Music is food for the soul! It has many health and stress relieving benefits to offer. When you play a musical instrument, you get fully involved in it and it becomes your way of expressing your creativity. Even others may feel their stress melting away listening to the music created by you. Play the veena, piano, violin or anything that you like. The world of music is always open to you. If you can’t play one you can at least spend some time listening to some soulful music.

7) Writing

Irritable Bowel Syndrome food diary

Many people have the habit of writing down the day’s events in their diary. The practice is a great stress reliever and has proven health benefits too. You may choose to write in a personal journal or do it in a professional manner. It is a hobby that is therapeutic as well as relaxing.

8) Knitting

knitting for stress relief

Knitting can create beautiful things for yourself and your near and dear ones. The hobby can take your mind off things and let you de-stress. It is like an outlet for your negative emotions and the repetitive motion can get you into a flow.

What is your stress relieving hobby? Do share!

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