Stretching Through Yoga For A Flexible You


Stretching Through Yoga For A Flexible You

Hi all,

Are you constantly complaining of tired muscles, aching knees and you really are not fit to do any kind of exercise? You have a great deal to start your morning? it is probable due to stiffness in your muscles?

Also, do you often do weight bearing exercises, and often complain about it the next day. Well, it is nice to give yoga a try for flexing those stiff  muscles and why not when it has so many benefits. let us see how flexibility can be useful for you:

1. Better joints, no early signs of knee pain

Stretching Through Yoga For A Flexible You 1

Do you know, that our body releases many acids, and one of the reason, we hear lot of our friends, parents and even younger generation complaining of knee pain or some kind of join pain. Well, the reason is that there is no massage for those poor muscles. You do so much to look good externally, but you do not realize that our body needs nourishment from within also. Lubrication of joints are very important.

So bring change in lifestyle, join a professional yoga center near your home and do not ditch that ghee (clarified butter) in your daal. Trust me 🙂

2. Better performance in daily activities, better posture

Stretching Through Yoga For A Flexible You 2

I understand you have a very hectic lifestyle, but why are you doing this, don’t you also deserve an hour for yourself? And by an hour for your self I do not mean sit in front of the telly. I mean a good one hour where you can do something for your body. If you cannot spare an hour everyday, then may be just 3-4 hours per week or just the weekends?

Take a yoga class and improve your flexibility, it will add to your sheen, you will look great and will be motivated at work too, concentration powers increase & you will become rather disciplined.

3. Stay at top of your class


I have attended many many yoga classes and with each passing year my flexibility has increased. I take up yoga slims classes here in the UK. I have been my own teacher to assess myself.  I do see a great change in my movements and asana performance. Not only this, I usually get lot of teacher attention, especially when they see my asanas, I always get motivated by people coming and asking me, where I have learned yoga from and how long does it take to become flexible, some even ask me, whether they can lose weight with yoga and what kind of shoes can help them tone 🙁 I was rather surprised at few questions.

But anyway, what I am saying his, it really motivates you, if you are doing well, it only pushes you to do more.

 4. Ability to lift more weights at the gym:

Stretching Through Yoga For A Flexible You 4

If you have sore muscles, you movements are restricted, your joints are stiff, trust me, even the best trainer in the world will ask you to do yoga. Yoga gives you more range, thus in order to lift better, you must have a flexible body. It will give you the results you want and believe me on this one 🙂

5. Withstand physical stress:

If your job is stressful in terms of physical stamina, yoga can help you relieve the pain. The physical exertion at work, will obviously drain you out, but with yoga, you will get peace of mind. And flexibility will only help you move faster and perform better. It will keep you fit and going, so that you can play as many as roles to move on with your day to day life.

Stretching Through Yoga For A Flexible You 5

Till then, happy flexing,


Will you try yoga to get flexible?

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