Struggles To Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle

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Struggles to adopt a healthy lifestyle

Hello lovely people,

You may have read somewhere that “It’s not a diet; it’s a lifestyle change” and so you march towards achieving the healthy lifestyle. I know it is really a struggle to adopt a healthy lifestyle after so many years of being lazy and being a couch potato.

So lets discuss about the struggles faced by us when we are trying to adopt the healthy lifestyle:

Eating 5 times a day

Many fitness articles suggest eating five times a day to speed up your metabolism. If you happen to miss one meal, you assume your body will not be able to function properly therefore you’ll put on more weight. (Not to mention the stress of planning your five meals, or even remembering to eat during a hectic day)


Many of you struggle with eating breakfast. Sometimes our bodies get used to NOT eating breakfast that when you start you may even feel a little sick. You may feel like puking if you try to eat your food. Has that happened to you? It is a small adjustment period that it takes for your body to adapt to eating breakfast if you haven’t for a while but believe me, it’s worth it!


Even if you have something small in the morning (i.e. a banana, a tablespoon of peanut butter, or a handful  of almonds), start trying to have at least a little something as your body gets accustomed to eating early in the morning. Here is some info on why breakfast is so important:

Whether you’re pressed for time in the mornings or you’re just not hungry, missing breakfast is a big mistake, especially when trying to avoid weight gain or trying to eat for optimal energy. Your metabolism slows during sleep to conserve energy and needs fuel to restart the engine. The sooner you feed your body for the day ahead, the better. According to the National Weight Control Registry, 78 percent of successful dieters report eating breakfast every day. The ideal time for breakfast is within an hour of waking. You are much more likely to over eat later in the day if you don’t have something within the first hours of daily activity. Eating breakfast can even help improve mood and cognition.

So if you’re struggling with eating breakfast make a small step and start eating even a little something. Small changes can create big results, helping to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Farewell to that sweet addiction

Are you someone who can’t stop eating sugar, once you start? Are you plagued with constant food cravings, especially for sweets like cake, pastry, icecream? If you have a huge sweet tooth, this is going to be the death of you.

Oh, how I understand! No longer can you eat that favourite dessert of yours without a huge overriding feeling of guilt. The question which haunts you is that how many calories am I going to consume. Ultimately sweet addiction becomes one of the struggles to adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Foods Which Make You Fat pastry

There are alternatives for everything

When you plan to permanently adopt healthy lifestyle, you find that there are so many alternatives available which help to stick to your plan. You can buy stevia instead of sugar, you can eat sweet potato instead of potato. You become excited to incorporate chia seeds, quinoa, oats (my favorite) in your meals and so on but you never thought about them before adapting the lifestyle change.


Time consuming

In order to eat healthy and stay on track you need to plan  your meals and control your portion sizes so that you can create a calorie deficit. In order to keep a record of what goes in your mouth seems time consuming and boring. Like for some people they track their food intake for some weeks and after some time they hardly log into my fitness pal. (Sad but true.)

track macros myfitnesspal

When your cheat meal becomes a cheat day (or week)

You’ve been doing so well, so you decide to reward yourself with that favourite dessert of yours. Next thing you know, you’ve demolished a whole box of chocolate ice-cream. You feel so guilty, and to prevent this from occurring again, you decide to remove ALL temptations… by eating them. (Worst thing you can do).

Although you’ve had a few setbacks and some days, you feel as though you are going back to your old habits, you decide to push through and commit to this lifestyle change. It is called a lifestyle change after all, therefore, it isn’t going to be something that can be accomplished easily. Keep pushing through, and all your effort and sweat will reward you.

Just remember that you’re not the only one feeling this way. You may fall off the wagon but get us and push yourself I am sure you will get amazing results. Good luck.

Are you too struggling to adopt a healthy lifestyle?

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