Stuffed Jalapeno Low Carb Recipe


Stuffed Jalapeno Low Carb Recipe

stuffed jalapeno 1

I love to eat hot and spicy food during winters and what else would be better than spinach and paneer stuffed hot Jalapeno with a warm bowl of cabbage soup (read recipe here)

 Jalapeno is a kind of pepper of Mexican origin. I was earlier really intimidated by the name Jalapeno and more so once I came to know about the actual pronunciation of the word… it’s ‘haelapeeno’. Then as I carefully saw the pictures of this Jalapeno … it was like OMG its Indian Achaar wali Mirch…  😛 Yes dearies Jalapeno is nothing but that big green or red pepper which we Indians use for making stuffed pickles.

So now let me explain how I made these .


  • Jalapeno

  • Cottage cheese / Paneer

  • Spinach boiled strained and mashed

  • Oil for cooking


  • Clean  jalapeno, then split in two and keep aside.

  • Grate paneer and add some salt and pepper. Keep that too aside.

  • In a pan pour 1 tsp oil, when warm add zeera and asafoetida.

  • Add boiled drained and mashed spinach in it and let cook till dried up.

  • Now in each jalapeno stuff spinach and press in paneer so that paneer covers the top.

stuffed jalapeno raw

  • Now in a nonstick grill pan sprinkle a bit of cooking oil.

  • Add stuffed jalapenos in it and let them grill from one side.

low carb stuffed Jalapeno 1

  •  When cooked then turn over to be cooked on the other side too.

low carb stuffed Jalapeno 2

  •  Be careful while turning sides, stuffing should not come out.

  • Your stuffed jalapeno is ready to be served.

Stuffing suggestions


Jalapeno can be stuffed with soy keema if you are a vegan and love to stay dairy free.

Non Vegetarian

Jalapeno tastes great with mutton or chicken keema and even fish mash.


Paneer without spinach stuffed jalapeno taste great with a sprinkle of chaat masala on top.

Paneer spinach stuffed jalapeno

Onion garlic also can be added to cottage cheese for a spicier version.

Serving Suggestions

Stuffed jalapenos are pretty low carb so can be had as a low carb side dish with fish fillets as main. Each jalapeno has 1 carb and paneer and spinach added is another, so not more than 2 carb each jalapeno.

If you love parathas then these are perfect as an accompaniment to plain or any stuffed parathas.

Whosoever you are vegetarian, non vegetarian, vegan or a low carb eater, Jalapeno is perfect for every one as main dish as well as an appetiser. Our Indian way of preserving Jalapeno in the form of ‘Stuffed Mirchi Pickle’ is great. Just stuff masalas inside and add them in the bottle full of mustard oil. Few days in the sun and there you are good to go.

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