Su Jok – A Healing Treatment


Su Jok – A Healing Treatment By Massage Of Hands And Feet

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Do you know that you can cure almost any disease and get rid of pain by simply massaging the feet or hands? Yes, you read that right! No more popping in of pills! Want to know the name of this therapy? It is called Su Jok therapy. It is a treatment that massages hands and feet.

‘Su’ means hand and ‘Jok’ means feet.

Su Jok is a healing method that can be applied even by patients on themselves. It helps in dealing with various health issues and relieves pain.

According to Su Jok, the palms and soles are the points of all organs in our body. It is said that the influence of touch on these points helps in dealing with health problems. The biggest advantage of Su Jok is that it has no side effects. Even if the health condition is not treated, you will not worsen it with this treatment.

Sujok therapy, su jok therapy

History of Su Jok therapy

This therapy was established in the year 1980 by a Chinese professor of name Wu Zhe Park. He discovered that some points on the hands and feet of an individual are related to certain organs. On applying slight pressure, type of acupressure and massage on those points he successfully cured many patients from many chronic diseases. Apart from the standard massage, the Professor placed seeds of different colours on the points along with crystals. Today, massages alone are a popular part of Su Jok as people can do it quickly, easily and at any place on their own.

By pressing the palm all over and sensing pain at a particular point, one can identify the diseased part. It is the pain that indicates that the corresponding part of the body needs more energy by massage or with the help of seed therapy.

What all does Su Jok treat?

Su Jok is used to treat various health conditions and diseases. That includes headache, asthma, bronchitis, gastritis, ulcers, dizziness, and migraines among others. It is also believed that Su Jok can help treat panic attacks, depression, fears and anger issues.

You can also lose weight with this therapy!

Su Jok seed therapy

sujok seed therapy

Seeds are said to be the source of life. This is why they are used in Su Jok therapy. The seeds are said to be used to create pressure on specified points on the palms and soles. They treat the disease and relieve pain.

Round shaped seeds like peas, pepper are used to treat eye problems, headaches, knee issues, pain of the back and joint pain. The appropriate seeds are tied to the point of pain with an adhesive plaster.

White beans, because of the colour are used in the treatment of kidney and stomach problems.

It may sound weird but after the treatment with seeds, the seeds change their shape as well as structure. This way they become brittle and fade. According Su Jok therapy, this kind of a change means that the seed extracts the disease from the individual and relieves his pain.

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