Sufi Meditation And Its Amazing Benefits


Sufi Meditation And Its Amazing Benefits

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Have you ever heard of Sufi meditation? This form of meditation has been developed by various schools of Sufi preachers belonging to different parts of the globe. Just like other forms of meditation, by doing Sufi meditation you can connect with your inner self and with the Almighty.

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There are 3 levels of Sufi meditation

Beginner level techniques

Muraqaba of light is one technique that is meant for beginners who have adopted the Sufi meditation to cure an illness. Apart from Muraqaba of light there are many other techniques like Nur, Ihsan, Haatif-e-Ghabi, and so on. These forms of meditation help one in getting to know the Almighty and the Universe.

Middle level techniques

The middle level techniques aim at delving deeper into the depths of life. The technique Maot explains about life after death, the technique Qalb helps you develop a spiritual heart. Wahdat tells you about the will of the Almighty and Fana helps in connecting with the universe and forgetting oneself.

High Level Techniques

The high level techniques help in focusing the mind on the master, the prophet, Almighty an ultimately perfection.

Sufi beliefs say that our body has several spiritual centres. Meditation helps in connecting with these spiritual centres and shutting out the external world.

What are the benefits of Sufi meditation?

Controls stress

de-stress-and weight loss

Meditation, be it of any form is a great stress buster. Sufi meditation is beneficial for those individuals who remain stressed throughout the day. It is so because Sufi meditation not just encourages but also dictates that you shut out the outside world and focus on your inner self. While doing this meditation, blood and hormone tests have been conducted and it has been found that stress levels really go down! When you happen to practice Sufi meditation every day, there are slow but regular biochemical changes happening inside you that make you less prone to stress.

Manages pain


Sufi meditation is known to alleviate pain. The pain can be of any kind- due to accidents, trauma or recovering from surgeries. The effect is not magical, the pain does not stop just because of the meditation but the feeling of pain is altered by regular and mindful meditation. It has a long term impact on the way the body processes pain.

Reduces high blood pressure

hypertension and health

By meditating you increase the levels of the body’s relaxing hormones and this significantly reduces high blood pressure. The rush of the hormone dopamine is linked with Sufi meditation and can help in relaxing the blood vessels that reduces blood pressure.

Treats respiratory diseases


People suffering from respiratory ailments can find solace in Sufi meditation. This meditation technique has a calming effect on the lungs as well as the bronchi. This helps ease suffocation as well as asthma.

Treats insomnia

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Sufi meditation has benefited many patients who suffer from headache and stress related issues like insomnia. Sufi meditation when done at night is successful in calming down an individual and making him or her fall asleep without the need of any medication.


scanty periods relax

Sufi meditation is known to ease the belly aches and terrible mood swings that are associated with PMS or pre-menstrual syndrome. This meditation brings tremendous relief as it relaxes the pelvic floor muscles and helps reduce the pain.

Now, I am sure, you will want to practice Sufi meditation for your health and well being. Meditation of any kind is effective in bringing back your inner harmony, peace and balance.

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