8 Secrets Of Getting Rid Of Sugar Cravings


Secrets Of Getting Rid Of Sugar Cravings

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A diet high in sugar can wreck havoc on your health. If you want to know how harmful sugar is for you, read this click!

Have a sweet tooth and are piling on pounds? Here are some ways of getting rid of that irritating sugar craving of yours!

1) Reduce consuming processed foods

say no to junk food for good health

Are you aware of the fact that both sugar and processed foods can get as addictive as cocaine or heroin? When sugar is consumed, a region of the brain is stimulated artificially to secrete dopamine, the pleasure hormone. Very soon, this dopamine level drops and you start feeling down. You start craving the pleasant feel-good feeling! This way sugar causes addiction.

2) Get a serotonin boost

You can boost serotonin (the happiness hormone) with the help of the right diet, exercise and good sleep schedule. When there is a lot of serotonin, the sugar cravings will be reduced.

3) Use natural sweeteners

Stevia Sweetener Review

Stevia is an all-natural sweetener that has zero calories, it is three hundred times sweeter than sugar and does not raise blood sugar. If you crave sugar and want to satisfy it, Stevia is the safest way to do that.

4) Drink lots of water

At times you may feel that your body needs sugar but the truth is that it is dehydrated and craving water. So, ensure that you are well hydrated. Water is required for every little bodily function.

5) Manage blood sugar levels

fruit bowl snack

Eat several mini meals a day instead of three huge meals. This will ensure that your blood sugar stays stable. Make sure that your meals are healthy and well balanced.

6) Eat greens

Ensure that you have a lot of greens as they are loaded with nutrients. Green drinks (check out the fab green smoothie recipe by Kanan here) will help provide you with energy and help in reducing sugar and processed food cravings.

7) Eat more fermented foods and drinks

kefir for healthy gut

To eliminate sugar cravings, you need to include fermented foods and drinks in your diet. Consume probiotic drinks, eat yogurt, drink lassi and other fermented foods like idli and dosa. You can go in for kimchi, pickles and tempeh too. You will be happy to find that you’re the sour taste of fermented foods reduces your desire for sugar and processed foods.

Another huge benefit of eating fermented foods and drinks is that if you eat sweet stuff along with that, like a piece of fruit or something, the probiotics present in the fermented stuff will eat up all the sugar!

8) Meditate

You can ward off cravings by reducing stress. Meditation has the power to not just reduce stress but also bring changes in your brain. It increases the grey matter. If you want to put an end to your sugar cravings, you should include a mediation session in your routine right before meals. This will mean better digestion and nutrient absorption.

Hope these tips really work well in helping you get rid of sugar cravings!

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