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Anyway, let’s quickly get to the review.

Sugar Free Gold is widely available at general stores , chemists and small shops. I went to my near by shop last week and noticed a lady buying Sugar Free gold and I asked her why did she prefer buying Sugar Free Gold and not Sugar Free Natura which was also available in that shop. The lady replied that Sugar Free Gold is much cheaper and since both the products belong to same company, how does the difference matter ?

I was shocked to hear this ! As a customer, we should be really careful about what we chose to buy and put in our bodies. We cannot just accept anything because it is inexpensive.

Coming to the review, Sugar Free Gold is made of Aspartame.

sugar free gold safe

Let’s see what Sugar Free Gold has to say about its effectiveness on weight loss –

sugar free gold lose weight

I was surprised to see how effectively Sugar Free has defended all the studies on aspartame which show that Aspartame is one of the most dangerous substance added in food.  Sugar Free has answered all the below questions in the favour of Aspartame.

sugar free gold aspartame

Please read dangers of Aspartame here , Sugar Free Natura review here and Equal products review here.

Its my earnest request to all of you , please ban these sweeteners from your lifestyle. You body will thank you for it !

This post completes review of all artificial sweeteners. If you want us to review any other sweeteners, let us know !

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