Sugarfree Mango Coconut Milk Ice Cream Recipe


Sugarfree Mango Coconut Milk Ice Cream Recipe

Mango coconut icecream 7

Hello to all the beautiful readers!

Today am going to share a yummy ice cream with you guys. A healthier version. With summers not ending to soon, ice cream are a boon to mankind, but for us weight watchers this boon comes as a bane with high amount to sugar, fats and carbs. So here is what we can do, let’s make our very own creamy ice cream, and once you try this you are surely going to stop purchasing the calorie laden ones, it’s that good. Plus, with all natural ingredients and no preservatives… win-win situation, exactly what we are looking for!

So let’s get started already. Here is what you will need:

1 Cup coconut milk.

1 Whole mango cut into pieces.

Stevia as per taste.

Now, I used nestle coconut milk powder and followed the packet instruction to make it into milk, you can do the same or purchase a coconut milk can.


I don’t have an ice cream making machine, so I have done it the good old blender way!

Step1: In a mixer or blender mix together and the mango pieces and coconut milk and blend it all for about a minute. The mixture must be homogenous and pale. You can add the stevia if you feel the pulp is not as sweet as you like. The mango I used was not sweet enough so I did add stevia, but you can omit this if you like the sweetness of the pulp.

Mango coconut icecream 8

Step2: Pour the mixture in an air tight container and keep it in the fridge for at least 4 hours. I made mine in the night so I kept it overnight. Make sure you use an air tight container so that the mixture has less air contact, it will help to avoid water crystals on the surface.

Step3: the mixture will look like a solidified milk now, so use a fork and start scrapping the icy mass, it will look like a slush now.

Mango coconut icecream 1

Step4: Pour the slush into the mixer/ blender and start blending in short intervals. You will have to scrape down the sides in between your intervals to help the mixture break down evenly. Continue this process till you get a creamy consistency. This will take about 5-7 minutes.

Mango coconut icecream 3

This is the consistency we are looking for-

Mango coconut icecream 4

Step5: Now pour your creamy ice cream back into the airtight container and cover it with baking paper like shown below. This will avoid any air to touch the surface and form water crystals. And cover your container making sure that the baking paper is stuck to the surface of the mixture at all times.

Mango coconut icecream 6

Step6: Freeze the mixture for about 4 hours.

And Voila! Your home made creamy healthy ice cream is ready to be enjoyed.

Mango coconut icecream 7


I don’t have an ice cream making machine so I don’t know how much time it would take in the machine but it would yield a much creamier result and will be faster. What i did was wait for the ice cream to melt a bit and then eat it. You could even try replacing the coconut milk with full fat cream for a creamier and denser ice cream, but that wont be as healthy!

So any reader having the machine, do try the recipe and let us know your experience.

Hope you enjoyed the recipe, like and comment below if you like more of such stuff.

This is Pooja, signing off…. Ciao

Will you try this Healthy Mango-Coconut Ice Cream?

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