Top 5 Summer Fruits For Weight Loss In India

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Top 5 Summer Fruits For Weight Loss In India

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Summers are here!!! Time for vacation, outings, roaming around in the sun! Most of your friends would have planned a trip to Goa! Well, what about your weight loss goals? You needn’t worry about that as this season has brought along some really good gifts of nature and they are fruits. Yes, you need to drop your ice-cream cones and indulge in some summer fruits. The fruits that are the best for weight loss are the ones that fill you up without adding up too many calories. The fruits should also provide fibre, minerals and vitamins so that your metabolism gets boosted up. So, you should begin your search for low calorie fruits. But you need not work hard for that as I have made a list of summer fruits for weight loss in India for  you so that you can lose weight!



Summers without watermelons are incomplete!!! You haven’t enjoyed an Indian summer if you have not tasted a slice of this mind blowing fruit! This fruit has the ability to keep you well hydrated in the heat as it is 90% water. 100 g of watermelon has just 30 calories to offer. It also keeps you full for a longer time. One bowl of watermelon is enough to fulfill your daily fibre needs. The fruit keeps a check on hunger pangs too due to the high water content. The water in the fruit takes some time to leave the tummy which naturally extends satiety. You can call it a perfect weight loss fruit.


Strawberry for weight loss

Strawberry is one fruit that works well for weight loss. The berries are loaded with nutrition but have very few calories. A cup of strawberries has just 50 calories with 3 g of fibre that meets 12% of your daily fibre needs. Due to the fibre content, strawberries are quite filling. A handful of strawberries are sufficient to keep you full for a long while. Being rich in potassium, vitamin C, folate and manganese they boost the body’s metabolism. This way you will be able to burn calories more effectively.


Orange- for diabetics

Have a full orange instead of drinking its juice. You will cut a lot of calories from your diet that way. They are sweet and juicy citrus fruits. The whole orange supplies you with fibre that is absent in its juice. A cup of peeled orange has 5 g pf fibre and 85 calories. Also, they are nutritiously dense. High in vitamin C, folate and thiamine, they are great metabolism boosters.


papaya for flat tummy

Papaya is a good weight loss fruit as a cup of papaya has 55 calories along with 3 g of fibre. The orange flesh of papaya is kind of sweet in taste. Papaya are rich in vitamin C and A, potassium and folate. The natural enzyme ‘papain’ present in papaya helps in promoting the faster transit of food through the gut and this makes the papaya a great weight loss fruit.


muskmelon- summer fruits for weight loss in India

Muskmelons are a super filling fruit. One cup of cut muskmelon has 60 calories to offer and can keep you full for a longer time. They are nutritiously dense as they have a wide variety of nutrients to offer which includes potassium, vitamin A and C, vitamin B6, niacin, folate and choline. It is also a good fibre source.

So, have you already made up your mind to enjoy the summer fruits for weight loss?

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