Sunny Leone’s Fitness Regime -Have A Look!


Sunny Leone’s Fitness Regime-Check it out!

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Want to know the workout secrets of Karenjit Kaur Vohra? Not interested? What if I tell you she is Sunny Leone? The sultry beauty’s real name is Karenjit. Sunny Leone rose to fame in India in 2011 after participating in the much talked about reality show Bigg Boss. The pretty lass has starred in many commercial Bollywood films and has more in her kitty.

Sunny Leone fitness secrets

Fans feel that she has a great figure and is able to move around confidently. Find out how the gorgeous lady manages to maintain her figure.

Sunny Leone’s workout routine

Sunny feels that the best way to stay fit is to exercise regularly and eat right. But due to her hectic work schedule she isn’t able exercise every day. However, she makes sure to burn calories by doing various activities. On a free day, she works out at the gym for 2 hours straight and on a busy day she spends just 30 mins on a stationary bike. More than strength training, she prefers cardio and free weight exercises. Due to her body type, she says that she needs to focus more on cardio exercises to burn calories instead of lifting heavy weights. Her aim is to burn 500 to 600 calories every time.

Sunny Leone fitness secrets 2

To make her arms and upper body stronger, she does a lot of boxing.

For her lower body, she concentrates on cycling as it strengthens her thighs, lower back and hamstrings. Stationary biking help in keeping her abs in shape and is also a stress buster her! Sunny says that cycling is a good workout for most women as they tend to gain more weight on the lower body.

Sunny Leone’s diet

Breakfast: A cup of coffee, egg whites and toasts.

Lunch: Lunch comprises of a healthy chicken salad with veggies

Dinner: Her dinner is also chicken salad with veggies

In between snacks: Though she does not snack in between but if hunger strikes she sticks to an apple or any other seasonal fruit.

Her diet is healthy and clean. She also takes care that her food is low in salt as excess of salt can lead to bloating. She eats her food consciously and also counts calories.


mood lift chocolate

Sunny just can’t resist chocolates as she is totally crazy about them. She eats them as and when she feels like. There are also a few other foods she likes o matter how fattening they may be. Her cheat-eating rule is to eat what she wants but control portions. Sunny counts calories and burns the extra ones consumed by working out.

Here are 5 fitness tips shared by her that will be useful for you:

  • Reduce the intake of sugary soft drinks.
  • Cut down the consumption of fried foods.
  • Reduce the number of cups of coffee or tea you consume in a day.
  • Stock up your fridge with healthy foods so that when hunger strikes you don’t eat junk food.

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