Top 7 Sunscreen Myths Busted

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Sunscreen Myths Busted!!

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Summer season may be a troublesome one for most people. You need to protect the skin from the scorching sun. The UV rays can seriously damage your skin. According to a research done in Australia, the regular application of a sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher to the face, neck, hands can lower the risk of skin cancer by half. Skin is the largest organ of the body and it does so much for us. Isn’t it our duty to take good care of it?

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Now, there are a lot of myths about the use of a sunscreen. Some say you don’t need it whereas others say that a little of it would be fine. Let us put the common sunscreen myths to rest:

Top Sunscreen Myths Busted

Myth 1: You need to dab only a bit of sunscreen

There are people who say that you just need to apply a few dots of it here and there. No!!! Just dabbing sunscreen won’t do. Actually, the amount of sunscreen you need should fill a shot glass. A coin-sized dollop is needed just for your face. Protect the exposed parts of the skin with a liberal use of the right kind of sunscreen.

Myth 2: You have apply sunscreen only when you step outdoors

Are you aware that it takes almost 15 minutes for the skin to absorb the sunscreen you apply? This means that you need to apply it well before you step out of the house or else your skin will be left unguarded for the initial few minutes and can burn.

Myth 3: When there is no sun, you need not apply sunscreen


It may seem to be a cloudy day and the sun may not be visible at all. However, don’t let that fool you. The truth is that the damaging rays of the sun are stubborn enough to pass through the clouds. Even on a completely cloudy day, 40% of the UV rays of the sun reach the earth. So, don’t avoid applying sunscreen even when it is cloudy!

Myth 4: It is okay not to apply sunscreen when you sit under the shade

While it is true that sitting under the shade protects you from the sun, it does not mean that it is totally safe. It is not a good idea to skip the sunscreen just because you are under the shade. UV rays are the most harmful components of sunlight and can reach your skin by indirect ways.

Myth 5: I am dark and don’t tan

All of us are prone to skin cancer no matter what our skin colour is. Though skin cancer is usually more common among the fairer folks, the dark complexioned people can still have skin problems due to UV rays.

Myth 6: Makeup with SPF will be enough to protect you

If you don’t happen to be going out in the sun or are going just for a short while, it is OK to depend on your SPF containing makeup. However, if you are working outdoors or are planning to spend a lot of time in the sun, then you should make it a point to wear water-resistant sunscreen beneath your makeup.

Myth 7: Your last year’s sunscreen bottle is fine

Your last year’s sunscreen bottle is actually fine only if it has not expired! Even sunscreen has an expiry date and you need to pay attention to it. Check the expiry date and use it.

Hope you found this post – ‘Top 7 Sunscreen Myths Busted’ useful!

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