Tips To Make Super Foods Healthier


How To Make Super Foods Healthier?

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Do you make sure to include enough super foods in your diet? Well here is a post on ways to make super foods healthier. Let’s begin!


blueberry fo weight loss

Blueberries have a lot of antioxidants, way more than 40 other fruits and veggies. The antioxidants in them fight free radical damage and protect against heart disease, cancer, memory loss, and age related vision loss. Blueberries prevent urinary tract infections too.

Half a cup of blueberries a day equals one fruit and veggie serving. Cooking blueberries destroys the valuable vitamin C in it. So, sprinkle blueberries on your bowl of hot oats just before serving.


garlic_tummy flattening fods

Garlic is said to have antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties. The disease fighting potential is due to the sulphur compounds present in it that act as antioxidants. Having 6 cloves of garlic a week can reduce the risk of many kinds of cancer.

Include at least one clove of garlic in your daily diet. Fortunately, we Indians add garlic to most of our traditional dishes. When you chop or crush your garlic, allow it to stand for 10 mins so that it can release its complete healing potential.

Olive oil

extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil is the healthiest fat on Earth. The main health benefit of olive oil is that it lowers the bad cholesterol levels and raises good cholesterol as it has monosaturated fats. Olive oil has phenols (antioxidants) that prevent cholesterol buildup in the artery walls.

Include 1 tbsp of it in your diet. Try to buy virgin, extra virgin or cold pressed oils.



Broccoli has sulphur compounds that signal our genes to boost enzyme production that detoxify cancer causing compounds. When you consume broccoli you can reduce the risk of various cancers.

Half a cup of cooked broccoli equals one fruit and veggie serving. You need to steam broccoli for 3 to 4 mins till it is crisp-tender so that its sulphur compounds get released.



Yogurt is rich in calcium that builds bones. However, the real strength of the food is in the healthy bacteria or probiotics it contains. They are really good for your gut health. Yogurt helps keep digestive problems and urinary tract infections at bay. It is great to ward off vaginal yeast infections too.

Three quarters of a cup of yogurt with live cultures is equal to one serving of dairy. Add fruits to your bowl of yogurt and see how it makes a tasty yet filling snack.


flax seeds and weight loss

Flaxseeds have fibre in them but what makes them a superfood are its lignans. They act like estrogen and contribute in reducing hormone related cancers such as breast cancer. Their anti-inflammatory power has a lot of health benefits to offer.

Just manage to add 1 to 2 tbsps of ground flaxseed to your everyday diet. Remember to have your flaxseeds ground because they will not provide the same benefit when consumed whole.


cinnamon_tummy flattening foods

Cinnamon is a great healing spice. It helps diabetics in controlling their blood sugar. The spice prevents blood clots and has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

You can have ¼ to ½ teaspoon of it in a day. You can sprinkle it on to your cup of coffee.

Hope you found this post on making super foods healthier interesting!

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