Surprising Benefits Of Bicycle Crunch Exercise


Surprising Benefits Of Bicycle Crunch Exercise

Hello people!!!

So, it is Monday!!! Hope you all had a well rested weekend! Back to routine now, isn’t it? I am here to tell you about the benefits of the bicycle crunch exercise. But before that let me tell you how you should be going about it.

Equipment needed: Just a yoga mat 😉

Doing the bicycle crunch:

  • Place a yoga mat on the floor and lie down on your back
  • Now bring your hands behind the head and interlock the fingers.
  • Put your feet in the air.
  • Lift the head up and touch the right elbow to the left knee while pulling the leg towards your head.
  • Now switch sides and do the exercise with your left elbow and the right knee.
  • Do this exercise in sets of 10 to 20 repetitions.


Now let us have a look at the benefits that this exercise has to offer!

Weight loss

Bicycle crunch has several benefits to offer and one of them being weight loss. Aren’t we all aiming for that? 🙂 Yes, you will lose weight when you do these crunches on a regular basis. It may seem simple but it is actually an intense workout that will make feel tired quickly and cause a lot of weight loss when it is combined with other exercises and a healthy diet. Intensity of the exercise means that every time you do a repetition, you burn more calories and this burning of calories will continue even for hours later.

It improves muscle strength and mass

On performing this exercise on a regular basis, you will find that the muscles worked out become stronger and muscle tissue will get built at the same time. To maintain muscle tissue, your body requires more calories. So, building muscle strength and mass means that you will maintain an ideal body weight!

It builds a stronger core

The core muscles of the body are really very important. They position the body and ensure proper movement. The bicycle crunch exercise helps in building a stronger core and wards off the aches and pains caused due to poor muscle strength or insufficient muscle tissues. Your core strength determines several things like physical ability and body posture. A strong core gives you everything you need for ideal health and physical fitness.

You will get a flatter tummy

constipation and weight loss

The movement of this exercise will help in providing you a flatter stomach. So say good bye to the flab hugging your tummy 😉 Though spot reduction is a myth, this exercise will help in toning you, especially your abdomen. With toned and flat abs you are ready to rock in any outfit. If you want a perfect bikini body then this exercise is meant for you!

It defines your abdominal area better

The bicycle crunch when included in your regular workout helps in giving an incredible muscle definition. It will help you develop the much in vogue six pack abs when clubbed with other exercises. The muscles of the abdomen get strengthened and your body gets toned with this exercise.

So, what are you waiting for? You should make it a point to include bicycle crunches in your daily workout regime for great results.



Will you try the bicycle crunch exercise?

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