Sushmita Sen’s Workout And Diet Secrets


Sushmita Sen’s Workout And Diet Secrets

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Maintaining a perfect figure is by no means a joke. Celebrities put in a lot of effort to remain fit. The most sizzling Ex-Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen’s workout and diet secrets have been captured in this post! She had suffered a slip disc during a movie’s shoot. This left her unable to do the common gym exercises. Did she give up? Well, learn more about her.

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After the injury, Sushmita Sen piled up a lot of kilos as she was unable to exercise. It was then that she happened to come across Aerial silk. Aerial silk is all about hanging in the air with the help of a special fabric. You can read more about Aerial Silk here- click!

Sushmita Sen has even surprised her doctor with the tremendous change in her body! She is now fitter and sports a svelte new figure.

The workout

Her workout changes and is not the same even for a week. She switches between walking, skipping, running and strengthening. Somehow, she dislikes the idea of spending a lot of hours working out. Instead she likes keeping her body active from head to toe. She is not very keen on weight training.

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She does Aerial silk which is a mixture of yoga, ballet ,dance and a martial art of Kerala called Kallaripayatu. Aerial silk is a part of her daily workout. When she skips it she does stretches instead. This kind of a workout helps her skin glow due to the blood rush and since aerial silk involves using one’s own body weight, each muscle of the body is worked out making one toned. Aerial silk is also meditative in nature. She says that it may be a little tough for beginners but once you get the hang of it,it is total bliss!

The Diet

Her day begins with a bowl of fruits and a glass of warm water within 10 minutes of waking up. Her breakfast comprises of 2 toasts along with 6 egg whites made into a French toast. After two hours she eats a pear.

After two hours she has lunch that includes half a bowl of black dal, a bowl of cauliflower sabji, a piece of foil cooked fish, a bowl of rice and 2 rotis. Her evening snack is just 4 biscuits and two hours later she drinks a glass of vegetable juice.

Dinner includes dal (half a bowl), beans and one bowl of onion-cucumber raita orjust plain curd with masala. At times it is also 2 rotis and 3 egg whites.

She ensures that she is hydrated as she drinks at least fourteen glasses of water in a day. She does not have a sweet tooth so there is no sugar in her diet!!( I know a lot of you with a sweet tooth will start envying her :P) She eats pastries but very rarely, moreover her body is not used to the sugar so finishing one is a task! (And there are a few others for whom stopping with one is a task! 🙂 She is actually a total sushi lover and thoroughly enjoys eating it. 🙂

Sushmita Sen too has problem areas and hers are her face and tummy. When her face becomes chubby she comes to know that she has put on weight. Another health problem with her is water retention. She tries her best to control her diet to keep water retention at bay.

Her fitness advice is that one should discipline his/her mind and the body will follow. Mostly it is believed that fitness is about training your physical self. But the truth is that unless your mind is disciplined your body cannot get fit.

How did you find Sushmita Sen’s workout and diet secrets?

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