Svetol-The Supplement For Weight Loss


Svetol-The Supplement For Weight Loss

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Have your heard of Svetol? If not you must read on! It provides weight loss results without the need of crash dieting! Let us delve in deeper to find out more about this magic supplement.

Svetol is being used as a weight loss supplement and also as an ingredient in other products meant for weight loss. It is available as a dietary supplement since 2002.

Now the question is- What is Svetol made out of?

Svetol is a chlorogenic acid extract of decaffeinated green coffee beans. Svetol is a registered trademark owned by Naturex. The extract obtained from the Robusta variety of coffee beans is spray dried and turned into capsules.

green coffee beans for weight loss

A look at the science behind Svetol

Studies done in this line have shown very promising results when it comes to weight loss.

  • It has shown 10% reduction in Body Mass Index

Clinical studies showed a body weight loss of 5.7 % and a BMI reduction of 10% in a span of two months. In the study done, participants saw a reduction of two points in their body mass index when they were on Svetol! People on Svetol lost upto 5 kilos whereas those on a placebo lost a meager 2.4 kilos. Amazing, isn’t it?

  • Regulation of glucose

Svetol has effects of blood sugar too. A study was done on 15 participants to check how Svetol affects blood sugar. The results showed that Svetol successfully reduced blood sugar in 60% of the participants. On an average the reduction in blood sugar in the participants was 50%. It is the chlorogenic acid in Svetol that is helpful in regulation of blood glucose.

This effect of Svetol on blood glucose is highly advantageous. High blood sugar causes serious health problems. To lead a healthy life you need to keep it in check.

Studies have shown that Svetol helps in reduction of fat. Svetol has been looked upon as an effective weight loss solution. It actually burns fat! You lose fat and not water or muscle mass.

Biotin for weightloss

Is Svetol safe?

Anything that claims to help people lose weight is always scrutinized. Svetol is no exception 😛 Svetol is completely natural and contains no harmful chemicals. It is a 100% plant concentrate that contains well identified and controlled bioactives. Millions of consumers worldwide have used Svetol without suffering from any side effects. The amount of caffiene in it is less than that of a quarter cup of coffee. It is a safe and effective solution for weight loss.

The unique acid profile of Svetol has been proven to be easily absorbed by the body. This ensures that when once ingested Svetol will deliver the desired effects.

Where to find Svetol?

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You have to look for products that have Svetol as an active ingredient. You will find it in the list of ingredients or on the product’s logo. Svetol can’t be compared to other green coffee bean extracts available in the market. Svetol’s effectiveness has been proven by studies and those studies have been published.

Stay tuned for a the review of a supplement that has Svetol in it!

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