Sweet Potato Vs White Potato- Which Is Better?


Sweet Potato Vs White Potato- Which Is Better?

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Are you on a low carb diet? Then most of your carbs should be coming from fruits and veggies. But have you ever thought that certain starchy foods are good for health even if they are high in carbs. Let us talk about potatoes. Most health experts recommend sweet potatoes over white potatoes. But is there any real difference between the two?

sweet potato vs white potato which is better

Nutritional Value of sweet potato and white potato

The fact is that the nutritional properties of sweet potatoes and white potatoes are similar. The nutritional information i.e. carbs, calories, fibre and protein content are more or less the same. This indicates that you are getting almost the same health benefits from sweet potatoes and white potatoes.

However, there are a few differences that matter. Sweet potatoes have higher amounts of minerals and vitamins and have slightly low amounts of natural sugars, this means that they have an advantage over white potatoes. Also, sweet potatoes have a higher quantity of health promoting antioxidants when compared to white potatoes. For instance, vitamin A (a powerful antioxidant) in white potato is 14 IU but is 22,000 IU in sweet potato.

Sweet potatoes are also a little lower on the GI (Glycemic Index) when compared to white potatoes. So, sweet potatoes help in keeping insulin levels lower and that is beneficial when we talk of weight loss.

It seems as if sweet potatoes are slightly better than white potatoes when we talk of nutritional value and GI. But on the whole it is not making a big difference.

Nutritional values can be changed by preparation

The nutritional value of food can get altered by the way you prepare it. For example, if you deep fry potatoes that too in vegetable oil, you are erasing all the health benefits. This is because vegetable oils become rancid at high temperatures and process of frying releases substances that accelerate ageing. Over cooking of potatoes at high temperatures can release carcinogens. The best way to have your potatoes is by baking, roasting or boiling your potato. You can add healthy oils like coconut oil or olive oil to it. Even adding ghee is not a bad idea!

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Health advantages of potatoes

Advantage number one is that it improves the health of the gut. This is because potato is a good source of soluble fibre. Soluble fibre offers nutrients to the good bacteria in the intestine and improves the function of the intestine.

Potatoes have been avoided by the low carb community because of its high carb content. But you can always eat potatoes in a manner that does not increase the carb intake. You can cook potatoes the way you want and store it in the fridge and eat it the next day. It turns into resistant starch after it is cooled. Resistant starch skips the initial part of the digestive tract and gets digested in the large intestine. This will make sure that there is no insulin spike that usually happens when you eat the potato immediately after cooking it. After turning into resistant starch you minimize its impact on the levels of blood sugar. So, this way you can eat potato without worrying about the carb count.

sweet potato vs white potato-which is better

Consuming potato after your workout is another good way of minimizing the impact on blood sugar levels. When you are doing intense exercises you deplete the stores of glycogen in the muscles. So, eating carb dense foods like potato post workout will help replenish the glycogen in your muscles and liver and it won’t be stored as fat.

Planning to include potatoes in your diet?

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