Tips To Include Sweets In Diabetes Meal Plan


How To Include Sweets In Diabetes Meal Plan?

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This post has tips on how to include sweets in diabetes meal plan. For the first part of the post that discusses whether diabetics can eat sweets click here!

diabetes- how to control blood suagr levels

Tips To Include Sweets In Diabetes Meal Plan

With these tips you can control blood sugar optimally:

1) Budget the carbs in your meals

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Whenever you have an urge to eat something sweet, use the meal’s carb budget to enjoy a tiny portion of a dessert. This is the charm of carbohydrate counting. It is the ability to use your allotted carbohydrate for any carbohydrate you choose. Typically, carb allotment for a meal is about 45 to 60 g (3 to 4 servings).

If you want your favourite dessert for your meal, count the carbs in a single serving of the sweet dish and include that in your total carb budget for your meal. The thumb rule is to adjust your meal time carb intake for the dessert. However, don’t simply consume all of your meal carbs for the dessert. Keep some for nutrient rich food.

2) Snacking right

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People with diabetes can enjoy 1 to 3 snacks during the day while spending 15 to 30 g of carbs on every snack consumed. So, in place of eating dessert with your meal, you can satisfy your sweet craving during your snack time. Just choose a dessert that fits into the carb budget you made for the snack. Have it at least 2 hours after a meal.

3) Wise use of low and non-calorie sweeteners

Some people stick to artificial sweeteners in order to reduce carb intake. If you happen to relish recipes with non-caloric sweeteners, it is ok. But you must not forget to account for carbs present in the food you are consuming. Packaged cookies with the “no added sugars” claim and home-made sweets with stevia are definitely not carbohydrate-free foods. So read lables and count carbs.

Stevia Sweetener Review

4) Stock up less on sweets

If you have a sweet-tooth and tend to overeat sweets, then you should buy them in smaller quantities. Don’t stock up a pile of them at your workplace or kitchen. Buy a dessert when you are away from home. Just get a single serving or split a larger dessert with your friend. Make note of the nutrition facts of the dessert so that you stay on track with your carbohydrate counting plan.

5) Step up your physical activity

Apart from carbs, desserts also have extra fat and calories in them. So, whenever you splurge on sweets consider doing some extra physical activity. Exercising to burn more calories can be helpful in weight loss as well as blood sugar control.

6) Keep monitoring

When you consume high sugar foods, you need to monitor your blood sugar levels all day long. There are some foods that increase your blood sugar levels more than others even if they have the same no of carbs. Please consult a doctor as it is very important to keep your blood sugar in control. A dietician can also help you out in tweaking your meal plans.

Everyone needs to limit sugar intake

Yes, that is true. It is not just the people with diabetes who have to check their sugar intake. Every human has to make a healthy diet plan and sugar should be less than 10% of the total calories consumed per day.

This information does not take precedence to the advice of a doctor or health expert

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