Unusual Symptoms Of Hypothyroidism

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Unusual Symptoms Of Hypothyroidism You Should Know!

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Do you feel low on energy and are fatigued by the end of the day? Are you gaining weight without any major changes in your routine? Do you feel sleepy constantly? You should not be ignoring these symptoms as they demand medical attention. You need to visit the doctor and he would most probably advise you to get your thyroid level checked.

Due to today’s stressful lifestyle, hypothyroidism is becoming a common health issue. Low immunity and blood sugar fluctuation are also reasons of this ailment. Iodine deficiency is another cause for hypothyroidism. In this condition the thyroid gland is underactive i.e. it is not able to produce sufficient amounts of thyroid hormones.

diet for thyroid

When it is in the initial stages, it can be managed and prevented from progressing. There are certain early signs of hypothyroidism and if diagnosed can be managed by homeopathic treatment also.

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

Sensitivity to cold

Cold climate gives you the shivers? If even a slight drop in temperature can make you feel uncomfortably cold, you better be careful! Developing intolerance to cold can be an early sign of hypothyroid.


There is a slow-down in metabolism due to hypothyroidism and this causes chronic constipation. Even after eating a fibrous diet, if you feel constipated, it is most probably due to hypothyroidism.


stress & weight gain

Hypothyroidism can slow down the functioning of the mind. Depression is most often observed during the initial stages. If you happen to be experiencing difficulty in focusing or concentrating and have mood swings too often, you better check your thyroid level.


One of the most common sign of hypothyroidism is fatigue. If you feel drained out or tired for no reason and find it difficult to wake up in the morning or doze off at odd hours of the day, you should consider visiting the doctor and get your thyroid levels checked.

Heavy periods

Sudden change in your menstrual cycle (if you are a woman of course!) with a heavy flow can indicate hypothyroidism. Whenever there is such a change in your menstrual cycle you should get yourself checked for hypothyroidism.

Weight gain

leptin weight gain

Weight gain is the second most common symptom of hypothyroidism. Thyroid glands produce hormones that regulate the rate at which fats and carbs are used by the body. Reduction or absence of these hormones can result in improper digestion and weight gain.

Muscle or joint pain

You need to go for a thyroid test if you happen to have morning stiffness, muscle weakness and the like. A study says that joint pain and muscle weakness can indicate hypothyroidism in some cases.

Some other signs of hypothyroidism that you should notice in the initial stage are:

  • Weakness
  • Reduced sense of smell and taste
  • Thinning of eyebrows
  • Thinning of hair
  • Dry and pale skin
  • Brittle nails

If you want to prevent hypothyroidism from progressing, you should pay heed to the little signs. Get a routine check-up of your thyroid levels to control it in the starting stage.

Hope you liked reading this post on the unusual symptoms of hypothyroidism!

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