Tadgola Or Ice Apple Health Benefits


Health Benefits Tadgola Or Ice Apple!

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Summer is at its peak and you must be unable to bear the scorching heat. Mother Nature has its own ways of protecting us from harsh climatic conditions. Fallen from her lap is a fruit that is your best friend during summers. Ice apples or tadgolas are found a lot in coastal parts of India during the peak of summer. Biting into one is the most rejuvenating thing to do in the rising heat.

Totally fleshy and juicy, the fruit of the sugar palm fruit, tadgola or ice apple is a pale white and translucent. It resembles the lychee which is another summer fruit. It not just the fruit of the sugar palm tree that helps beat the heat. The sap from the trunk of the tree is also healthy and refreshing. It is collected from the tree early in the morning and is a drink with a sweet and sugary taste. It is sold as a drink during summers.

Tadgola Or Ice Apple Health Benefits

Tadgola Or Ice Apple Health Benefits

It helps regulate body temperature

The juicy fruit is said to be a natural coolant that helps in maintaining the right body temperature during summer.

It is rich in micronutrients

Doctor are of the opinion that tadgolas have the right balance of micronutrients such as sodium and potassium, which helps in maintaining the body’s fluid and electrolyte balance. This property of the fruit is extremely helpful to ward off dehydration and fatigue that one has to face during summer.

Health benefits of the sap

It prevents dehydration

The early morning sap collected from the tree is as refreshing as the fruit. A glass or two will help prevent you from getting dehydrated.

Great source of energy

The sap is said to be a high calorie drink and that is why it helps you in keeping the energy levels high for a longer time period. It helps fight fatigue due to the summer heat.

Weight watchers, your attention please!

However, one thing needs to be remembered that if you are planning to lose weight, you should avoid drinking the sap. Though it is extremely good for health, it is high in calories and sugar. Instead of going in for the sap, you should opt for a glass of plain lemon water with a bit of salt. You can beat the heat this way too.

Enjoy the tadgolas

So, if you live in the coastal areas of the country and are able to spot the tadgola don’t refrain yourself from buying it. It is a great way of beating the heat  The best way of eating it is by removing the white outer covering and putting the whole fruit into your mouth. This is one fruit that I totally love. Believe me it is pure bliss! Residing in Chennai, I find it during the peak summer every year. People from the outskirts and village areas come to the city to sell fresh tadgolas. It is called ‘nungu’ in Tamil.

Stay safe this summer and eat a lot of tadgolas.

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