Tai Chi- The Holistic Way Of Losing Weight


Tai Chi- The holistic ways of losing weight

Tai-chi_3Hi Guys and girls,

How are you? I have started another hobby of mine these days, baking. Yes! I am baking hell lot of healthy stuff for husband these days. Like I make flourless cakes, whole wheat breads, cookies, carrot cakes and very soon I am going to try healthy bakes too. Will share the best ones with you all.

Let me move on to a topic which is most loved by me, it is Yoga! And believe it or not, India is the land of yoga but Brits are practicing it like no other. I am following two kinds here, one is Vinayasa flow and the other is Tai Chi. (type of Martial Arts)

Tai Chi as the name suggests is Chinese. But Chinese what! It is Chinese form of yoga. It is believed that Tai Chi can reduce the number of wrinkles and can help you slow down ageing. Can you believe it! The truth is that any form of yoga/exercise can reduce the number of years from your face. Trust me.

So these days, I am pumping muscles and meditating in peace. Let me tell you how Tai Chi is beneficial and what its differences from regular yoga are.

Slow impact exercise but with big benefits

In this low-impact, slow-motion exercise, you go without pausing through a series of motions named for animal action. Like warrior poses, white crane spreading its wings. Tai chi involves some peaceful meditative poses. It helps you connect to your each body part.  We perform variations which keep us calm and focused.  Apart from helping you tone up, you also get sharp in the brain.

yogaBest of both worlds

What we normally start with a circular movement warm up in bended knees position. The movement is slow and steady. The music is lovely.  It gives a feeling of motion and peace. The form is practiced in a form which is very similar to yoga, and has a feeling of martial arts to it. In fact, it is very complimenting if you had a super weight training session. It flexes your muscles just right.

Meditation in motion

We perform sun salutations which are a bit modified from our version of yoga and is intense in the terms that there is stretching, holding, and balancing. Thus if your mind is wavering, you won’t be able to do it correctly or may even topple from your mat. Thus, there is lot of focus; you are connecting your body with the mind.  Thus kick your stress and enjoy some of these Chinese movements.

Tai-chiIndia has also come up with classes to teach Tai Chi, if you happen to come across I say take a trial or two. Join it and you will see the difference. I don’t say that Tai Chi will alone help you to lose weight, but in fact, it will develop you holistically.

A note of caution, if you have knee problems, I suggest consulting your doctor before taking up a Tai Chi class.

Are you interested in Tai Chi, the holistic way of losing weight?

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