What Happens When You Take A Break From Exercising?


What Happens When You Take A Break From Exercising? Find Out!

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If you are on a weight loss spree you must be aware of the importance of exercising. It helps you torch calories and get into shape. But what if you cannot exercise or want to take a break from exercising? Want to know what happens to the whole body when you take a break from exercising? Well, keep reading this post!

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The truth is that all of us think about taking a break after tough days of exercising. So, we plan to skip the daily exercise session at home or the one that we do at the gym. At the end of it all, things depend on for how long you are taking a break.

Here is the answer – skipping exercise is not acceptable by your body always. You can skip working out for around 5 to 7 days and it will not affect your body too much. Actually a week off after working out hard every day for 5 to 6 hours can help you feel good. How much you used to work out daily also matters. As already said, skipping exercise for a week is okay but you need to make sure that you get back in action once you are done with resting. Beginners in particular need to keep in mind that they must start working out as soon as the break is completed.

Changes in the body

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Now, let us find out what happens to the body when you give up exercising for a long time. The body starts losing strength and you begin to feel weak. What is more alarming is that your whole metabolism will slow down. You will experience a lot of changes in your body if you take a long break. This will make you gain more weight between a time span of 6 to 8 weeks. In that case, you need to maintain a proper diet at least. A long workout break results in decreased strength and speed level. It will not just affect the strength of the body and brain or your breathing but also your sleep. If you happen to take a really long break from exercising say, something as long as 8-9 months, you will experience an inability to sleep.

Take home message

You can surely go ahead and take a break but you must remember that when you are back to pavilion, work out at least thrice a week. Later on, when you feel like taking a break, do so only when it is necessary. Like when you are sick or are in a serious need of rest. You can also take a break or I would say must take a break from exercising when you are injured or completely exhausted. Doing so is perfectly fine!

Do keep on a workout rule in mind, i.e. the more intense your exercise, the lesser you need to exercise in a week. Three times a week should be fine when your workout is a rigourous one.

Hope you liked knowing about what happens inside you when you take a break from exercising!

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