Ways To Take Care Of Your Child’s Teeth


How To Take Care Of Your Child’s Teeth?

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Most parents think that if kids brush their teeth and floss regularly along with avoiding sugary soft drinks and candies, they won’t suffer from cavities. However, this is not true! Your kids can get cavities even without consuming soft drinks and candy. Commonly consumed snacks like crackers, biscuits, dry cereal and dried fruit can lead to cavities. And it is not possible to cut back on these in a kid’s diet.

taking care of your child's teeth, Take Care Of Your Child’s Teeth

To ensure zero cavities in your child (or any other adult), here are some prevention tips:

1) Take care of baby teeth

There is a myth that baby teeth aren’t important as they would all fall out soon. They may start falling out by the age of 5 or 6 but the back teeth stay till the age of 10 or 12. The cavities in baby teeth have to be treated. Preventing cavities through diet right from a young age is good.

2) Make kids eat teeth-friendly foods

Cavities are not caused by fat, protein or fibre. Processed carbs are the culprit. This means that giving your child 70% dark chocolate is better than feeding them with biscuits or a handful of raisins.

fruits-and-veggies- ornish diet

Starches (including sugar and processed flour) cling to the teeth and thus are a major cause of cavities. That is why eating bread and fresh fruits is anytime better than eating biscuits and crackers. You need not eliminate carbs completely, you simply need to change the carb quality and how they are consumed.

3) Promote an organized way of eating

How your child eats is equally important as what he or she is eating. Flossing your kid’s teeth twice a day is useless if you let him drink chocolate milk the whole day!

Allowing your child munch in snacks or sip juice the whole day is a recipe for cavities as the teeth are coated with cavity-producing acid for long hours. Fix the time of six mini meals and feed your child only at those hours. This way you can take care of your child’s teeth!

4) Make water your child’s best friend

To reduce the worry of getting cavities, drink water along or after your meals and snacks. It is a simple way to keep the teeth safe. Between meals, offer water to your child instead of milk or juice. Instill the habit of drinking adequate water in your child.

5) Teach your child how to brush and floss

The bacteria present in the mouth breaks down simple carbs into lactic acid that causes cavities. So, to prevent cavities you need to remove bacteria and reduce consumption of simple carbs. Till the age of 5 or 6 children need the help of their parent to brush their teeth. It is your duty to take care of your child’s teeth!

You should make sure that the child is given a perfect brushing before going to bed. Nothing should be eaten or drunk except water after that. For young children brushing should take around 20 to 30 seconds when you are doing it. After the age of 6 years make the child brush on his/her own for two minutes twice daily. You would only need to floss the teeth that touch each other.

Just pay a little attention and you can keep your child’s teeth free of cavities.

Hope you found this post on Ways To Take Care Of Your Child’s Teeth useful!

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