7 Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Vision


How To Take Care Of Your Vision?

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Don’t you feel that you have been taking your vision for granted? You eyes need care too!! Here are some lifestyle changes that you should make to help in keeping your eyes healthy.

Take care of your vision!

1) Give technology a break


Difficult! Very difficult! All of us are either glued to the computer or to the smartphone. People hardy talk to each other, they simply send texts! Do you know that it costs your vision dearly? It can make your eyes tired and strained which can lead to vision loss or eye pain, headaches etc. You need to take a break from the screen every 5 minutes. Just blink and look away from the screen.

2) Avoid junk food


Living on junk food not just affects your heart but also your eyes. Foods that are high in carbs and sugar break down into glucose, the excess of which can damage the eyes’ blood vessels. It can also lead to fatty deposits. Having processed stuff like burgers, pizzas and the other junk can cause deterioration of vision over time. You need to a healthy and balanced diet.

3) Look into family’s eye health history

Bad vision can run in the family. It is advisable to know about your family’s health history. Inheritable diseases like diabetes and hypertension can affect your eyes. If any of these conditions run in your family, you should get an eye-check up done An early examination can reduce vision loss.

4) Give up bad habits

woman smoking- harmful effects

Drinking and smoking can seriously damage your eyes. The risk of macular degeneration and damage to the optic nerve can increase. These are irreversible causes of vision loss.

5) Get your eyes checked

After the age of 40, you need a proper eye check up. As it is in your 40s that the near vision begins failing and you may need reading glasses. In this age even glaucoma is common, it is a diseases caused due to damage to the eye’s optic nerve. Another condition to watch out for is cataract. In this disease, the lens turns gradually opaque thereby blurring vision. Cataract can’t be prevented as it is genetic.

6) Don’t ignore symptoms related to vision

Food And Moves For Healthy Eyes 2

Symptoms like double vision, sudden vision loss, glare, a flash of light or objects floating in front of you require immediate eye examination. Eyes are said to warn you of diseases in the body such as cancer, thyroid, bleeding disorders, HIV, neurological diseases and rheumatologic disease.

7) Eye accessories should be taken care of

If you wear specs or contact lenses, you need to take good care and keep them in good condition. You should not clean your reading glasses with a tissue as it can scratch the surface. Try to clean it with the cloth provided in the glass case. Contact lens wearers need to be extra careful. They should not wear lenses throughout the night even if they are extended wear lenses. This can reduce the chances of infection. Wash your hands with soap and water each time you handle lenses. Clean them well and let them get air dried.

Hope you liked this post on how to take care of your vision!

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