Tattoo Safety Precautions and After Care


Tattoo Safety Precautions and After Care

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Any plans of getting a tattoo? If yes, this post will be useful. It is great to showcase a piece of art on your body. What have you decided to get inked with? Your lover’s or parent’s name, a religious symbol or your favourite quote! Seems to be a tough choice but what matter the most are the safety precautions you take while getting it done. After all a tattoo is forever!

Getting Tattooed- Safety Precautions and After Care

What a tattoo exactly is?

A tattoo is a body art that is made by insertion of indelible ink into the skin’s dermis layer to change the pigment.

How is a tattoo made?

In the excitement of zeroing in on the design, people forget or overlook the safety precautions that are extremely important while getting inked. Tattoos are made by needles that breach the skin. This means that skin infections have chances to surface. Tattooing involves creating thousands of little puncture wounds in the skin to get the ink beneath the outer layers.

How a tattoo can cause problems?

The skin is the first line of defence against germ (bacterial) invasion. Poking holes in it is similar to opening the gate and giving the germs a red carpet welcome! Dermatologists say that if the right precautions are not taken while getting inked, a lot of skin and blood complications can take place. Even when you get a tattoo done from a tattoo parlour with the best hygiene standards, there always remains a risk of getting infected if ink is contaminated.

I am not scaring you but you should know what all can happen when you don’t get your tattoo done from a reliable parlour.

It can lead to:

Allergies– The dye used, red one in particular can cause skin allergies or itchy rashes around the tattoo.

Skin infections– Skin infections are common after getting a tattoo and they are:

  1. Cellulitis
  2. Herpes simplex
  3. Viral warts
  4. Impetigo

Bacterial infections

Bacterial infections are likely to occur as wounds are made on the skin. The signs of infection are redness, blisters, inflammation or pus.

Blood borne diseases– Serious blood borne diseases can be transmitted if the equipment used to make the tattoo comes in contact with an infected person. The diseases include:

  1. AIDS
  2. Leprosy
  3. Viral hepatitis
  4. Hepatitis C
  5. Syphilis

Quite shocking!!

tattoo artist - Getting Tattooed- Safety Precautions and After Care

Safety tips for those who want to get a tattoo:

  • First of all, get familiar with the primary sterile procedures that need to be followed while getting a tattoo made.
  • Take a look at the parlour and ensure that they have an autoclave and are using it properly. By the way, an autoclave is a pressure chamber where equipments are sterilized.
  • Look at your tattoo artist and ensure that he or she is disinfecting the equipments properly before wearing plastic gloves and a surgical mask.
  • Follow the aftercare instructions carefully.

How to take care of your tattoo?

Well, after your piece of art is done, you need to take special care of it as follows:

  • Clean the tattoo daily with a mild lotion that is free from dyes. This will make the area soft and supple.
  • Avoid scratching the tattoo or bringing it to direct contact of heat. For at least 2 to 3 weeks you should avoid the sauna, steam bath, swimming pool or hot tub bath.
  • Do not expose the tattoo to the sun initially as the UV rays can fade the colour of the tattoo. Use a sunscreen.
  • To allow the tattoo to heal quickly, do not wear tight fitting clothes that can cause friction around the tattoo area.

Getting a tattoo? Take all the precautions!

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