6 Teeth Whitening Foods


Teeth Whitening Foods

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There is nothing as charming as a wide smile. No amount of makeup can bring that glow on your face that a bright smile can. However, there are people who shy away from smiling in public because of yellow teeth.

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Do you also have yellow teeth? Do you want a dainty set of pearly whites? But don’t want to go in for the expensive teeth whitening treatments? Well, you have landed at the right place!  Here are 6 natural foods for teeth whitening and your kitchen is the place where you will find them all!

1) Apples

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Simply chewing on apples helps in scrubbing the teeth. Apples are also having a high concentration of malic acid that is used in certain toothpastes. Malic acid is known to increase saliva in your mouth that cleans your teeth and helps in removing stains. This was found in a study conducted in 2013 in Spain.

2) Pineapple


Pineapple is the only fruit that has the compound bromelain in it naturally. It is has cleansing properties and is anti-inflammatory. A recent study in dental hygiene found that the compound bromelain is an effective stain removing ingredient. Good reason to munch on some pineapple!

3) Raisins

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Popular opinion is that raisins are bad for your teeth due to their sticky sweetness. However, raisins are protective for dental health. Research claims that bran cereal with raisins help in cleaning the mouth faster than eating the same cereal without raisins. When you chew raisins, saliva gets stimulated. This neutralizes the acidic environment of the mouth created by bacteria and food; helping in preventing plaque, stains and cavities from developing.

4) Cheese

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Another yummy way of keeping teeth strong and healthy is by eating cheese. Cheese is helpful in keeping your teeth strong with minerals like calcium, phosphorus along with protein that helps in protecting your tooth enamel. Dental experts say that cheese has lactic acid in it and is hence protective against tooth decay. Hard cheeses are said to stimulate saliva and clean your teeth.

5) Water

Hot water diet for weight loss

Good old water! Drinking water all through the day helps in promoting the production of saliva, which helps in keeping your teeth pearly white. Sipping water after a meal or during a meal helps in rinsing the mouth of any kind of debris and loose plaque. Another good reason to drink plenty of water throughout the day!

6) Strawberries

Strawberry for weight loss

Just like apples, strawberries are also known to contain malic acid. They have an added benefit of ellagitannins. These are antioxidants that help in reducing stain attracting bacteria and mouth inflammation. Also, strawberries have vitamin C in them that helps in preventing gum inflammation and periodontal disease.

Include the above foods and keep smiling!

Hope you found this post “Teeth Whitening Foods” useful!

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