The Best Pre And Post Workout Foods

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The Best Pre And Post Workout Foods

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What to Eat Pre-Workout

Here is a list of foods that are easily available everywhere, which is going to give you energy and help you with your workout –

  • If you are going to workout after 15minutes:

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  1. Yogurt

  2. Black coffee

  3. Handful of raisins

  4. Banana

  5. Dark chocolate

  • If you are going to workout after 30minutes:


  1. Milk, banana.

  2. Almonds

  3. Dry fruits

  4. Cereal and milk

  5. Protein milk shake

  6. Peanut or almond butter

  • If you are going to workout after 45minutes to 1hour:

  1. A mixed fruit salad bowl that includes1 cup of berries, melon, banana, and oranges.

  2. Healthy green salad with boiled veggies and a hard boiled egg.

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  3. Bread, a glass of milk and a banana.

  4. Vegetable stew.

  • If you don’t have much time and need to workout within 5-10minutes:

  1. Simply munch on 8-10 almonds and gulp down a glass of milk!

  2. 1 banana and half a cup of milk (or a glass of banana milk-shake with few cashews in it)

  3. Energy bar.

Why Do We Need To Eat Pre-Workout Food?

When we sleep, our body switches on the ‘Resting Mode’. During that time, our blood glucose level drops way too below our normal level. That is why it takes a few moment to regain our energy once we wake up because it takes a few moments for our blood glucose to go back to its normal level. During this ‘resting mode’ we also burn calories. Yes, we DO burn calories, without even doing anything other than sleeping and it’s proven!!

So if you workout first thing in the morning right after you wake up, be sure to eat at least 200-300 calorie snack and 30 to 40grams carbohydrate.


Rain exerciseBecause we need energy in order to exercise and we get this energy from the stored glycogen which is nothing but carbohydrates. If you exercise without allowing your body to regain its lost calories, your body is definitely gonna get its revenge! How? Your body is going to break down all the (useful) stored glycogen (even from your muscles YES!) in order to give you the energy you need to workout early morning. And breaking down your muscles is something that you wouldn’t want if you are looking for a healthier way to lose weight because muscles provide us the strength to workout. So no/weak muscles à no intense workout à no weight loss. Trust me, this is going to leave you completely exhausted even if you do just a 5mins cardio! Sometimes working out without having pre-workout meals can make you feel dizzy, light-headed, it can give you muscle cramps! (I know this because sadly I experienced this myself.) At the end to replenish all your lost energy and calories you would end up overeating. And you CAN NOT avoid it because your brain is designed in that way. So eating at least 10-15 minutes or maximum 30 minutes before your workout is absolutely a great idea. But just don’t overdo it!

What to Eat Post-Workout

Here is a list of foods that are again easily available everywhere, that would help you replenish your lost carbs and energy and help you build muscles and lose fat –

  1. Sautéed vegetables in olive oil with half a cup of rice.
  2. Egg toast.
  3. Egg-spinach roll-up.
  4. Poached egg and sautéed broccoli in olive oil.
  5. Bread with peanut butter.
  6. Sandwich with tomato, onion, cucumber and poached egg fillings.
  7. Protein shake made up of a glass of milk, one tablespoon protein powder, half banana.
  8. Smoothies (strawberry smoothie, vanilla milk shake, chocolate + peanut butter shake, banana + peanut butter smoothie)
  9. Milk and cereal.
  10. Steamed chicken and brown rice.
  11. Chicken soup with boiled veggies.
  12. Yogurt (you can have homemade lassi or make raita)
  13. A handful of nuts and raisins.

    P.s~ Don’t grab all of them 😛 Choose any one or two items mentioned in the list above after you are done exercising!

Why Do We Need To Eat After Workout?

Now when you are done exercising your body again would want you to treat him/her for the hard work he/she has done to help you lose your weight! This is because intense workout results in glycogen breakdown. It’s best to eat within 45 minutes after your workout session, because it is at this moment your insulin level and carbohydrates level in blood are at their highest peak. Eating immediately post-workout will help you build muscles and reduce body fat. Since our muscles have high metabolic rate, giving required amount of glycogen to our body helps in storing them in our muscle maintaining proper metabolic rate which enhances the process of weight loss (more BMR à more weight loss) But again, don’t overdo it. If you overeat after your workout, all your weight-loss efforts would go in vain and I’m sure you wouldn’t want that! So giving importance to the right amount of protein and carbohydrate rich food after workout is only going to help you build strong muscles replacing your fats!!

So now you know what to eat to fuel your workout session and what to eat to replenish your lost energy after you workout!

I hope this helped you!

Wishing you a blasting workout session and of course, stay FIT!! J

Which best pre and post workout foods are you going to pick?

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