The Body Achieves What Mind Believes-Inspiring Weight Loss Story


The Body Achieves What Mind Believes-Inspiring Weight Loss Story

Author – Arnab Basu

The title of this story is based on a famous quotation – “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” —- Napoleon Hill.

I have reduced my weight from 95 Kg to 71 kg in seven months. My Body Mass Index (BMI) was 31.2 in January, 2014 and by July 2014 it was reduced to 24. If there is will…there is way… just need to believe that you can do it. At the same time you also need to find out what you enjoy to do. Going to Gym is not the only way of reducing weight…there are hundreds of way to stay fit. One need to find out the right way what not just helps in staying fit but also becomes a recreational activity and source of amusement.

Inspiring Weight Loss Story

I was bit skeptical about my ability to work out. But within a week I realized that I was enjoying it and I just kept going. In the first week itself I reduced 2 kg. Now I feel so light and energetic that I am now planning to compete in a 10 km run in months’ time. I have been regularly training for long distance race and so far my best is finishing 5 km in 32’15”. My goals are now competing in half marathon and finish it with reasonably good timing. I have become a role model for my colleagues, friends and family. Everybody around me started believing that they can also do it. My fitness centre uses my case to motivate others

After finishing 5 km race in 32’15” in month of August, 2014

The Body Achieves What Mind Believes

The Journey of Seven Months

Following the diet chart was bit difficult at the beginning. The obese people like me (I was, not now anymore!), tend to follow more tasty and unhealthy food habit. Changing the food habit at this age (I am 36 now) was bit difficult. But later I found taste in my new food habit and started liking it.

Initially my diet plan was quite tough; there were hardly any carbohydrates and fats (so all tasty foods were out). Morning I used to start with five or six soaked almonds and then oat mills as my main breakfast. In Lunch my daily quota used to be two Indian breads (chapatis), lentils (dal) and vegetables. Twice in a week I was allowed to eat chickens. Red meats were allowed once in a month and that was also limited to 200-250 gm. Generally I do work out in evening after work. My dinner used to consist of two-three eggs, only white (protein) portion. I was strictly instructed to finish my dinner between 7 to 8 PM, maintaining a gap of 1-2 hours from work out. This diet plan I followed from January to May, 2014, till my BMI came down from 31.2 to 24.5 (normal range is 18.5 to 25 and anything more than 30 is considered as class 1 obesity.

The Body Achieves What Mind Believes1

Theoretically I was obese till March, 2014). I drink 3 to 4 litres of water every day. Fat loosening exercises, especially Cardio exercises dehydrates body a lot and my blood pressure went down a bit because of dehydration. So drinking 3-4 litres of water a day actually brought back my blood pressure within normal range. During that period (January to May, 2014), I used to work out five to six days a week. The routine used comprise of daily 45 minutes of cardio, which was a combination of trade mill, elliptical cross train and cycling (15 minutes each), followed by 45 minutes of strength training.

The strength training was again grouped into three categories, viz. chest and triceps on day one; back and biceps on day two; and shoulder and legs on day three. Every 30 days I used appear in fitness test and my gym instructor used to change the routine. Basically based on my performance he used increase the intensity of work out and since my performance was good, so he was happily increasing it from light to moderate to heavy.

I kept following same diet plan and various combination of work out (keeping the 45 minutes-45 minutes ratio of cardio and strength training unchanged) till month of May, 2014. By end of May my BMI got reduced to 24.5 and total body weight came down to 72.5. So, theoretically I was no more over weight and that was my celebration time.

Now, the flip side was, while focusing too much on weight reduction, I also started losing skeletal muscle mass (reduced from 32 kg to 29.1 kg in five months). When we do cardio, we do not just loose fat, we also loose amino acids which are key constituents of our muscle. So after achieving the target BMI and total body weight, my target became to improve skeletal muscle mass. I could only do it by reducing cardio, increasing strength training and also increasing carbohydrates and protein in diet.

My revised diet plan in the next post !

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