The Bowen Therapy-Everything You Need To Know


The Bowen Therapy-Everything You Need To Know

The Bowen Therapy 2

What is Bowen Therapy?

Bowen Therapy Aka Bowen Technique is a hands-on therapy and a remedial concept that uses ‘pressure in a gentle manner’ – an application done using the fingers and the thumb on specific points of the body. Doctors in Bowen Technique use ‘rolling’ movements which help stimulate the soft tissues and the muscles of the patient’s body – bringing them relief.

The Bowen TherapyHow is the experience like?

The experience as mentioned across various online reviews, that I read is said to be ‘heavenly and comfortable’. Bowen Technique doesn’t adjust or manipulate the hard tissues, and no HARD FORCE is used on the body. Most patients, in fact all have said Bowen Technique is relaxing for them, since it is subtle and very gentle.

Bowen Technique in fact conditions the body to balance itself; repair and rejuvenate too. The technique helps one stay far from pains, improves the functioning of the body and helps the body energise and bounce back as well.

The Bowen Therapy body

Benefits of Bowen Therapy

Expert doctors indulging in Bowen Techniques say anything and everything would respond to the therapy, and people from all age groups and walks of life would be able to reap high benefits using the same.

The Bowen Therapy childIn short, Bowen Technique is ‘non-intrusive’ and a ‘hands-on-therapy’ to use. The basis of the technique is on the gentle movements of the hands over various points of the human body, which would help the body receive much relief from the pains and restrictions, and remove imbalances of the body, should there be any as well.

The Bowen Therapy 1Gone are the days when pains, aches and restrictions of the body would mean having surgery for the same. Thanks to Bowen Technique, one doesn’t need to undergo the knife any more and certainly no pains to bear as well.

Does it use manipulation?

Bowen Technique doesn’t manipulate the body and there is no forceful pressure applied. The practice is completely holistic in nature, but clients are advised to continue with their medication as prescribed by their doctors. For optimum output, Bowen Technique therapists ask patients to work with their health professionals for faster relief and not to ignore them.

The Bowen Therapy manipulationAn example to mention; If a patient is suffering form back pains, which is a common ailment for Bowen Technique therapists to encounter, the number of sittings per patient would be three to four. Exceptions are there, and some patients would need more help. It depends from one case to another; and ignoring medications from the family doctor while undergoing Bowen Technique is not advised.

Aches and pains

Bowen Technique therapists have also helped patients with shoulder pains, frozen shoulders, neck pains and respiratory conditions too, even with migraines, sinuses and headaches as well. Even the sports departments across the globe now use Bowen Technique for their athletes and players, rugby clubs and football clubs especially do the same.

The Bowen Therapy body partsNot only does Bowen Technique help heal the patient over time and bring back more energy to the body, but also helps with accentuated performance as well.



The Bowen Therapy Dr BowenThanks to Tom Bowen, the Bowen Technique came about in the early 1950s, and across the world has been accepted as a holistic way to treat various painful conditions of the body. Say goodbye to costly surgeries, and learn more about the Bowen Technique today.

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