The Bulletproof Diet-A Glimpse Of Its Pros And Cons


The Bulletproof Diet-A Glimpse Of Its Pros And Cons

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The bulletproof diet has created a lot of buzz in the weight loss circles! It is a book written by Dave Asprey. But what is this diet all about? Let us find out more about this diet.

The Bulletproof Diet-A Glimpse Of Its Pros And Cons

The bulletproof diet

A bulletproof diet shuns the common belief that consuming more fat leads to weight gain. The diet encourages weight loss by making sure that a major part of the daily calories come from fat. The diet can be called an anti-inflammatory in nature with focus on the quality of food instead of quantity of food. The foods recommended in a bulletproof diet include healthy fats like coconut oil, MCT oil and avocados. The consumption of carbs is restricted and only high quality meats (grass fed) are allowed.

How does this diet fare?

The Bulletproof Diet has its pros and cons. This diet is difficult to follow for a long time period as there is an extreme emphasis on a nutrient of one type only. The body creates stronger and stronger cravings for the stuff that the diet doesn’t supply adequately.

The pros of the diet

The emphasis on eating clean whole foods and encouraging consumption of healthy fats are the plus points of the bulletproof diet. It teaches people that fat is good! People have demonized fat so much in the past that the commoners think twice before consuming them. In our body, the anti-inflammatory substances are made from fat and this makes the consumption of fat very important. Production of neurochemicals is dependent on fat too. So, for normal functioning of the body you need to include fat in your diet. Fat is also important for getting the feeling of satiety and hence to maintain normal weight fat plays an important role.

The cons of the diet

The Bulletproof Diet-A Glimpse Of Its Pros And Cons 2

The problem with the bulletproof diet is that it has a twisted macronutrient profile. The concentration is on fat, which is the most calorie dense macronutrient. It seems like a drawback for a weight loss diet. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a high fat diet will cause weight gain. It doesn’t affect people who are well aware of their fullness signals and hunger. The real problem with this diet is that most individuals won’t find it sustainable. The problem is similar to the one with the high-protein diet fad and high-carb diet fad.

The point is that the human body doesn’t like any kind of imbalance. The bulletproof diet derives 50-60% of the calories from fat. Initially, most people feel better with this diet and lose weight but over time they will feel a lack of energy because they are not eating carbs. Gathering energy for a physically and mentally demanding exercise may seem like an uphill task. Maintaining muscle mass may also be difficult. The protein dependent biochemical reactions may also suffer. As the human body wants to function properly and efficiently, it will try to make you come back into balance. The signs for that will be food cravings that are most often ignored by people till they become unbearable and you know what happens next… overeating of low quality foods and as an end result all the lost weight is gained back.

The bottomline

This was just a glimpse; there are more concerns to this diet. At the end of the day, the bulletproof diet is not a sustainable diet and you can’t follow it life-long.

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