The Eternal Power Of Healing Through Drumming


The Eternal Power Of Healing Through Drumming

healing through drummingThe rat-raced lives we lead, leaves us wondering if 24 hours a day would be enough to manage it all. Often than most, our bodies show us ‘giving-up’ signs in more ways than one; and sometimes it is not a physical symptom to say so – the problem lies deep beneath, our tissues and the unseen chakras going out of harmony – creating an aura of imbalance. End result – the body can take it no more, and becomes a host to various forms of physical, mental and emotional pains, fatal illnesses too.

All hope is not lost

For many centuries now, holistic treatments sans the need to undergo the knife have been around – in India too. This is the new-age, and we tend to go back to where we came from, for an answer to our health perils. May we introduce to you a concept that has been around since our forefathers walked the planet; but has never been given its due – DRUMMING.

Why drumming?

medicine drumKnown as one of the most ancient methods to heal the body from within, it is the ‘repetitive rhythm’ played on a tempo every second that helps the body cope with a myriad of issues. The process is simple and very unique, there is a connection between the drummer and the drum; one that brings about great richness, power and immense depth to the act of healing.

Blast from the past

Shamanic Drumming

Remember the SHAMANS – medicine men in Latin America. The Shamans till date are known to DRUM. It is because of the drumming that most physical and mental or emotional healing has been promoted. With drumming, you and I can achieve a host of benefits, namely;

  • Physical healing,

  • A boost to our immune system,

  • Bringing down blood pressure,

  • Bidding adieu to energey blockages, and finally,

  • A sense of well-being as well.

Every living being and thing on this planet has an energy field; it scaffolds the entire structure that we exist as humans in. There are 7 chakras or centres in each living being, which need to be energized and revitalised, time and again. It is exactly these chakras that help keep the endocrine glands, the nerve centre and the internal organs in good shape.

It has been proved though, if one of the centres is unbalanced or has restrictions to them; every organ in the body gets disassociated. This means, on various levels, physical and mental issues arise – rushing us to the doctor in no time.

More about drumming

Drumming heals but connects the soul to the divine in more ways than one. Often than not, it is said, drumming is a communication tool to the other world too – to the ancestors who watch on us, to the spirit world yonder.

With the help of drumming, the beats and pulses brought forth help us with honing our bodies to adept spiritually and emotionally; healing the body, the mind and the soul over time.

Give yourself sometime, come into the arms of drumming and immerse into the exquisite blissful experience of soul drumming from maestros. They help you overcome the mental and physical adversities; drummers care and hence share with you an experience – most done by the ancestors gone by!

If you know anything else about the eternal power of healing through drumming, do write to us.

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