The Five Bite Diet-Fad Diet Alert!


The Five Bite Diet-Fad Diet Alert

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Diets come and diets go, very few of them are able to make a concrete presence felt. Weight loss has been the main aim of most people since a century. There have been diets like raw food diet, milk diet and new weird ones like sleeping beauty diet and ice cream diet! People and all the that they do for weight loss!

This post focuses on the Five Bite Diet. Let us find out more about it!

Fad diet alert! The five bite diet

The five bite diet has been created by Dr. Alwin Lewis. The logic behind this diet is simple- ‘If you eat less you will lose weight!’ It is nothing path breaking about it, we all know that don’t we? In this particular diet you needn’t worry about calorie counting, instead you need to count the number of bites you are eating. Initially this idea may be intriguing but the five bite diet is a more a fad!!

The amount of food allowed in this diet

When on this diet, you should skip breakfast and you are only allowed 5 bites of food for lunch and 5 bites for dinner. In between you can have beverages to your heart’s content but they have to be without calories. Even if you take really huge bites and eat high calorie foods, your diet will be a very low calorie one, more like a crash diet with calories less than 800 calories per day.

Sub- eating healthy at subway

Loop holes in this diet can clearly be seen already, skipping breakfast itself is something very bad for health. Breakfast is the main meal of the day as you fast the entire night and you just shouldn’t skip it. Second, very low calorie diets are not recommended until and unless you are under the doctor’s supervision. Crash diets can slow down your metabolism, decrease your immunity and cause heart palpitations.

Type of food allowed

The five bite diet lets you consume whatever foods you like, but you should get the right amount of protein each day and pop in a multivitamin. You might still lose weight if you happen to choose junk food like burgers, fries and sweets for your 5 bites but this way you won’t get the nutrients you need. A healthy diet focuses on nutrients and thus includes whole grains, fruits, veggies, dairy and lean protein containing foods. You will not gain health with the five bite diet.

Ease of following the diet

Yes, it is true that you won’t find a diet with simpler diet instructions. The five bite diet comes with built in portion control and this is very much needed for weight loss. Consuming so few calories a day will lead to weight loss too but you will be left starving if you eat just 10 bites of food a day. This proves that you can’t stay on this diet for long.

Baby food diet a fad diet

Why to say no to such diets?

After burning your fingers with such a fad diet, you will end up getting back to your old unhealthy ways and will probably pile on the kilos lost. Basically you lost kilos because you didn’t get enough food. Such crash diets should not be followed as they can backfire. What is the point in depriving your body of food? Food is fuel and if the fuel is not good the body cannot run properly, it will breakdown! Instead of getting into the vicious cycle of such crash diets start eating healthy and maintain portion control. You can take care of your calorie consumption by opting for foods that are low in calories, choose appropriate fruits and veggies, whole grains, healthy sources of protein. For vegetarian sources of protein click here!

Don’t fall for fads and believe in eating healthy and clean!

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