Know All About The Flavor Point Diet


Know All About The Flavor Point Diet

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The Flavor Point Diet is a diet that is designed to reduce hunger by organizing meals based on flavors. It is based on the science of appetite. It is a book ‘Flavor Point Diet’ written by David L. Katz, MD and his wife Catherine.

The flavour point diet

The diet claims to help people lose weight without making them feeling hungry by organizing meals according to food flavors! Let us see whether it lives up to its claim or not!

The logic behind The Flavor Point Diet

The principle behind this diet is the physiology of taste. When you happen to taste one flavor repeatedly throughout the day, the appetite centre in the brain gets quickly satisfied. This makes the body sense satiety quicker and we end up eating fewer calories.

The plan of The Flavor Point Diet

The Flavor Point Diet has three phases.

Phase one: In the first phase you need to plan your meals around one particular flavor. This are called flavor themes. For example, all the meals of day one of the diet emphasize the flavor of raisins and currants. Breakfast can be a whole grain cereal with raisins, lunch can be a spinach and currant salad and so on. On the second day, the meals can be flavored around pineapple, like having a pineapple smoothie for breakfast and so on.

pineapple smoothie flavour point diet

Phase two: In the second phase of the diet plan, there is a greater variety of flavors by which only meals and not complete days are flavor themed.

Phase three: The third phase of the diet is the phase that you can carry on with for an indefinite period. It allows you to choose meals based on the rules you have learned in phase one and two.

Pros of The Flavor Point Diet

The diet is quite nutritious

The diet plan sounds to be quite nutritious. The flavor themes provided in the book have a wide variety of fruits and veggies, nuts, whole grains, fish and poultry. It encourages limiting fat and makes one opt for healthier snacks. It well balanced and also meets the guidelines of USDA.

The emphasis is on weight management through reduction of calories

All meal plans are between 1000 to 1500 calories. Even a cheat day (that allows chocolate) is calorie-controlled.

The plan has been laid out well

The book is easy to understand and has more than 100 recipes and menus that will help a person through 6 weeks of the diet plan.

People have lost weight with diet

Most people who follow the Flavor Point Diet tend to lose weight as they would when they follow a low-fat and calorie restricted diet that gives importance to physical activity. The diet recommends half an hour of daily exercise comprising of aerobic exercises along with the ones for muscle toning.

Cons of the Flavor Point Diet

The drawbacks of the diet are as follows:

The concept of taste could be taken too far

When that happens the diet could get too restricted in terms of the variety foods consumed. Having a variety of foods is essential for good health.

The diet can be challenging

The recipes mentioned in the book are a little difficult to prepare. Things would get even more difficult if a family with young children try to follow this meal plan. As children are picky eaters and won’t stick to flavor themed meals.

The research is lacking

In the book, Clark mentions that all the research cited by him is his own. This definitely raises questions about the validity of the research.

Short term and long term effects of this diet

weight loss rules

Weight loss and satiety are the short terms effects of the diet. The long term effects of the diet are adopting the plan for life.

Is the Flavor Point Diet for all??

If you suffer from diabetes or any other ailment, it would be better to consult the doctor before beginning this diet.

For others who want to lose weight and want to become healthy, it might appear as a refreshing change because it brings in the enjoyment into eating.

How did you find the flavor point diet?

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