The Hay Diet For Good Health-What Is It About?


The Hay Diet For Good Health-What Is It About?

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The Hay Diet is also called food combining diet. This was introduced by Dr. William Howard Hay in the year 1911 and is based on the idea that you should avoid consuming certain foods together as some food combinations are known to hinder digestion and increase the acidity level of your body. He believed that the wrong chemical condition in the body is an underlying cause for health issues.

On one hand where this diet is looked upon as a lifestyle change, there are certain books that suggest that the diet be used as a detox for a week alone. The book is called “7 Day Hay Diet Plan” written by Carolyn Humphries.

Hay diet

What is the Hay diet about?

According to the Hay Diet, foods are categorizes into three categories.

Alkali forming foods like fruits and vegetables

Alkali forming foods means that the end product of these kinds of foods after digestion are alkaline salts. Even acid tasting lemons result in alkaline salts in the body after getting digested.


Concentrated proteins like meat, fish, cheese or eggs are foods that result in acid being the end product in the body.

Carbohydrates or starch

Carbohydrates or starch that include grains, sugars and things made out of them like bread. This doesn’t refer to the naturally occurring sugars found in fruit.

List A

List B

List C

Proteins Neutral Foods  Starches
 All meat  Most vegetables  Biscuits
 All poultry  All salads Bread
 Cheese  Seeds  Cakes
 Eggs  Nuts   Crackers
 Fish   Herbs  Oats
 Soya Beans   Cream  Pasta
Yoghurt  Butter  Potatoes
  Olive oil  Rice

According to Dr.Hay’s theory, both protein and carbs form acids as their end products in the body. However, they need different digestion conditions and shouldn’t be combined in the same meal.

Here are the Hay rules for health

1) Starches and sugars should not be clubbed with proteins and acid fruits at the same meal.

2) Veggies, fruits (whether acidic or sweet) if combined correctly in a salad should be the major part of the diet.

3) Proteins, starch, and fat should be consumed in smaller quantities.

4) All processed and refined flour foods should be eliminated from the diet and only whole grains and unprocessed starches should be consumed.

5) A gap not less than 4 hours has to be maintained between starch and protein meals.

6) The combination of milk with food is not good and should be kept to the minimum.

7) See the above chart, you can mix anything from list A of foods with list B.

8) You can mix anything from list A and list B.

9) You should not mix foods from list A and list C.

10) Mix veggies with pulses (beans or lentils) and make then a main part of your diet.

food-combining chart Hay diet

Points to ponder upon

Scientific evidence is lacking to support the hay Diet. Without scientific evidence you cannot call a diet or diet theory accurate. When consumed in high concentrations dairy products and protein can result in a raise in your cholesterol levels and when you limit the intake of carbs, it can result in deficiencies of vitamins and minerals.

This is a diet that brings drastic change in your life. So, it is advisable that you seek medical advice before you get started with the Hay Diet just to be sure that it is safe for you.

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