The Nordic Diet-All About It


The Nordic Diet-All About It

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Nordic diet is the latest diet in the fitness world. The proponents of this diet claim that following this diet will help improving health. Studies show that Nordic diet can cause weight loss and improve health at least for a short term.

Nordic diet

Nordic diet- What it is about?

Nordic diet focuses on eating traditional foods of the Nordic countries namely- Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and Finland. The Nordic diet was created by a group of scientists, nutritionists and chefs in the year 2004. The purpose of this diet was to check the growing rates of obesity in the Nordic countries.

When compared to the average western diet, the Nordic diet has less sugar, less fat and two times more fibre.

Foods to be eaten and avoided in the Nordic diet

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Foods to be eaten often– Fruits, berries, veggies, legumes, potatoes, nuts, seeds, whole grains, rye breads, low fat dairy, fish, seafood, herbs, spices and canola oil.

Foods to be eaten in moderation– Meats, eggs, cheese and yoghurt

Foods to be eaten rarely– Red meat and animal fat

Foods not to be eaten– Sugary beverages, added sugars, food additives, processed meats, and unhealthy fast foods.

The Nordic diet seems to be very similar to the Mediterranean diet. The main difference is that there is an emphasis on canola oil instead of olive oil. Critics also point out that many of the foods in the Nordic diet were not consumed previously by the people living in the Nordic countries. Low fat dairy and canola oil are some of those that weren’t consumed in the Nordic countries as both are modern foods. Even fruits don’t grow well in those countries except for certain berries.

Weight loss and the Nordic diet

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Studies have been made to assess the weight loss effects of the Nordic diet. In one particular study, 147 obese men and women were divided into two groups. The group that ate Nordic diet lost 4.7 kg and the other group that had the typical Danish diet lost only 1.5 kg.

This is quite impressive, especially when the group was not asked to restrict calorie intake. Don’t get too excited; hold on to your horses because a year later in a follow up study, the Nordic diet group had gained most of the lost weight back.

So, it can be said that the diet enables short term weight loss.

The Nordic diet-Health benefits

Healthy eating is much more beyond weight loss. It can improve metabolic health and lower the risks of serious illnesses. Studies have examined the effect of the Nordic diet on health and they are:

Where the diet is effective for lowering blood pressure, the effect on the other 3 health markers is pretty weak.

The environmental aspect of the diet

The Nordic diet can be a good choice from an environmental point of view as it focuses on foods that are grown locally and farmed in a sustainable manner. Proponents of the Nordic diet recommend consumption of organic foods.

The bottom line

On the whole, the Nordic diet is not quite impressing. You can see short-term weight loss and a reduction in blood pressure and improvements in other health markers, though they are weak.

You see, any diet that focuses on eating real food instead of junk food will lead to weight loss and improve health. There is nothing magical about the Nordic diet diet!

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