The Sirtfood Diet – What Is It All About?


The Sirtfood Diet

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Heard about the Sirtfood diet lately? You must have! But what is this diet about? You have landed at the right place!

The Sirtfood Diet – What Is it?

The sirtfood diet is the latest diet to have appeared in the nutrition and weight loss circles and it has become a craze for most people. Everybody is talking about it. It is a diet that is rich is ‘sirtfood’. Researchers say that these special foods help in activating specific proteins called sirutins in the body. Sirutins are known to help protect the cells from dying when they are under stress. Also these foods are said to regulate inflammation, metabolism and the process of aging. Researchers believe that sirutins have an influence over the ability of the body to burn fat and boost metabolism. It helps in a 7 pound or 3.5 Kilo weight loss in a week and also maintains muscle at the same time.

The diet

You must be eager to know about the magical ‘sirtfoods’, right? Here is a list of 10 most common ones:

1) Green tea

2) Dark chocolate (minimum 85% cocoa)

3) Citrus fruits

4) Apples

5) Turmeric

6) Parsley

7) Kale

8) Blueberries

9) Red wine

10) Capers

Lemon-Parsley Water For Weight loss

Basically the diet is a two phase approach. The initial phase is for one week and it involves restricting calories to 1000 calories for a period of 3 days while consuming 3 sirtfood green juices and one meal in a day that is rich in sirtfoods. The juices can be that of kale, celery, parsley, lemon. You can drink green tea too. The single meal you consume should also include sirtfoods. It can be chicken and Kale curry, chicken with parsley, sage and capers or buckwheat noodles. From the 4th day to the 7th, your intakes have to be increased to 1500 calories that should consist of 2 sirtfood green juices and 2 meals rich in sirtfood a day.

Flat kale and feta cheese salad

The 2nd phase is called the maintenance phase and that lasts for 14 days in which there occurs steady weight loss. Advocates of this diet believe that it is a realistic and sustainable way to lose weight. However, the diet is not just about focusing on weight loss. It is designed such that you will be eating the best foods that nature offers. It is recommended that for the long term, you eat 3 balanced sirtfood rich meals a day accompanied by one sirtfood green juice.

What the dieticians have to say?

According to dieticians, a 1000 calorie diet consecutively for 3 days is a difficult feat to achieve. Coming to the list of foods mentioned. You can see that these are the foods that often appear on the list of healthy foods. However, they can be made a part of a well-balanced healthy diet. Occasionally eating chocolate or a glass of red wine is perfectly fine and will not cause any harm. You should not have it on a daily basis though. The fruits and veggies listed are healthy but you must eat a mixture of various veggies and fruits and not just the ones mentioned.

The seven pound weight loss with is diet is just a fluid loss and not fat loss as burning and losing fat takes time. People on this diet will regain all the lost weight once they are back to their regular eating habits.

You should instead eat a balanced diet and stay well hydrated.

Remember, in weight loss, slow and steady wins the race.

Hope you liked this post on the sirtfood diet!

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