The Tale Of 2 Rotis


The Tale Of 2 Rotis

Heyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ( i ate too much paneer right now, so a lil overwhelmed 😛 )

Today is storytelling day. Hope you also would be able to relate to it ;). This is about The Tale Of 2 Rotis :D!

As most of you know that yours truly works in an I.T company for her living… oh so poor me 😛 One of my colleagues who doesn’t know that yours truly is a weight loss blogger gives me all the fundas she knows about weight loss 😉

She tells me how we should not eat more fat and I just smile 🙂 . I have already shared irony of fat making us fat, if you missed, read it here.

She also tells me how despite eating less, she has not been able to lose weight. She firmly believes that despite working out hard and running on the treadmill for half an hour, her weight does not budge. So, nothing can change the way she looks ! Phew…. what do you think I should have replied to?

2 days back she told me the tale of 2 rotis. Hua yun ki I asked her what she eats in dinner. I thought of giving her some gyaan that day 😉 . I thought I would ask her not to eat rice during dinner, like she does for her lunch. Before I could show off a bit 😛 , she said ….. ok let me put in her words – “I don’t eat much in dinner. Just 2 rotis , sabzi and daal ” .

the tale of 2 rotis

I was numb for a few seconds post that ! I gathered all the himmat n asked .. Errrrr but what about light dinner ? She replied – “Arrey 2 rotis are lighter than rice na, what I eat during lunch ” . I almost fainted !

So my friends, please enlighten me !

What is meant by light dinner ? Does it not mean Low Carbs ? Does it means eating less or eating rotis instead of rice ?

BTW, carbs are anything that look like shown in the below piccy. I know you all are intelligent , but just in case you are thinking only about rotis right now 😉

 carbs weight loss


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