The Tale Of 2 Rotis


The Tale Of 2 Rotis

Heyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ( i ate too much paneer right now, so a lil overwhelmed πŸ˜› )

Today is story telling day. Hope you also would be able to relate to it πŸ˜‰ . This is about The Tale Of 2 Rotis πŸ˜€ !

As most of you know that yours truly works in an I.T company for her living… oh so poor me πŸ˜› ! One of my colleague who doesn’t know that yours truly is a weight loss blogger , gives me all the fundas she knows about weight loss πŸ˜‰

She tells me how we should not eat more fat and I just smile πŸ™‚ . I have already shared irony of fat making us fat, if you missed, read it here.

She also tells me how despite eating less, she has not been able to lose weight. She firmly believes that despite working out hard and running on the treadmill for half an hour, her weight does not budge. So, nothing can change the way she looks ! Phew…. what do you think I should have replied ?

2 days back she told me the tale of 2 rotis. Hua yun ki I asked her what she eats in dinner. I thought of giving her some gyaan that day πŸ˜‰ . I thought I would ask her not to eat rice during dinner, like she does for her lunch. Before I could show off a bit πŸ˜› , she said ….. ok let me put in her words – “I don’t eat much in dinner. Just 2 rotis , sabzi and daal ” .

the tale of 2 rotis

I was numb for a few seconds post that ! I gathered all the himmat n asked .. Errrrr but what about light dinner ? She replied – “Arrey 2 rotis are lighter than rice na, what I eat during lunch ” . I almost fainted !

So my friends, please enlighten me !

What is meant by light dinner ? Does it not mean Low Carbs ? Does it means eating less or eating rotis instead of rice ?

BTW, carbs are anything that look like shown in the below piccy. I know you all are intelligent , but just in case you are thinking only about rotis right now πŸ˜‰

Β carbs weight loss



  1. β€œArrey 2 rotis are lighter than rice na, what I eat during lunch ” ask her once which source did she refer to… I hope not pados waali aunty πŸ˜›
    “yours truly” πŸ˜›

  2. Great one … but she is right ,actually in Indian context that much food is a light dinner only. πŸ™‚ When I was looking for low Calorie diet plans most of them counted two rotis in lunch and two in dinner as light only. Personally speaking rotis are the biggest culprit in this blame game of eating low calorie diets yet not losing weight. What say???

  3. hey eating 2 rotis at 730pm for dinner followed by a fruit \ milk at 10 is fine i guess – but at 9 having 2 rotis is not fine

  4. I hav 2 roti and sabji or dal at atound 9 to 9.30 at is the earliest I can…is it a light dinner?plz enlighten me..

  5. anindita
    having one roti is fine just take care of following things
    it should be of medium size – no ghee
    have it with some light veg like lauki tinda barta cabbage palak methi (avoid bindi , karena fried potato baingan)
    avoid dal and heavy gravy based stuff
    just have 2 tablespoon curd and some salads to make you feel fuller

    sleep after 1130 – just 2-3 hours after having dinner

  6. Shally , its fine if you wish to maintain weight probably. Its a bad idea of eating carbs at night generally. We need carbs for instant energy. Do we need energy post dinner when we are about to sleep and our metabolism is about to fall ? Think !
    BTW, fruit is candy by nature, full of carbs ! Fruit at night will raise your blood sugar. It could be ok to have a negative calorie food item –

    However personally i would have curd or milk if i am hungry at night but not fruit.

  7. Anandita, don’t have daal at night. Prefer to have a bran roti with sabzi. You can have half a spoon ghee , it will keep you full n you wont binge. In a day, half a spoon ghee will keep you healthy and help you burn fat.
    You can also have brown rice at night. Curd and salad totally allowed , no kanjoosi in that πŸ™‚

  8. count me in Sakhi. I eat three dosas and sambar every night .but i make sure i finish my dinner before 8.
    but i eat half cup rice sambar curd and veg stir fry for lunch
    plz sggest light dinner options tarun.

  9. I used to do that…eat rotis and consider myself eating healthy! Now I know better…I make a veggie salad with a curd dressing and polish it off by 8 PM. My husband loves his chicken and veggies. Its not about eating lighter than earlier, its about balancing your meals through the day and combining it with exercise!!

  10. yes you are right – but the problem is most of the women are working , married or have kids – cooking a separate meal of ourselves is a task – trust me – even if it is just my husband and me – cooking sabzi roti dal for him and then making a soup for myself is bit difficult – so the best option i have is have same sabzi roti but bit early like before 8pm . and i stick of very light sabzi like lauka palak and all for dinner.

    yes you are right fruit should be avoided for dinner – i will take care of that

  11. Shally, I am working full time and have a blog to take care. I workout as well. I sleep maximum 6 hours , that too at odd timings. I somehow manage !
    Ana has a baby as well apart from working full time.

    I am not trying to show off here, but just trying to say that with little changes, you can achieve the lifestyle you want.

  12. after this post i have started having lightly cooked chicken with beans \ lauki palak tomato pressure cooked veg at 8 and then milk at 10

  13. hmmm so i am foolish too…no wonder not loosing weight even after excersing for 45 minutes…i was wondering why am i constant and not loosing weight…

    am so happy that i came across your blog, Tarun…you bunch of people are doing fab work! keep it up!

  14. Hi tarun I usually sleep after midnight i cant study in the morning only at night.
    I eat dinner before 8pm n usually I hav 2 phulkas without oil or ghee and any veg with salad.
    As I need energy to study. whenever I try to eat light dinner I get headache so end up having snack or fruit.pls suggest some dinner options that will keep me full n give me energy required for study

  15. Rupali, have 1 tsp Desi Ghee over your phulkas. It will keep you full. You can have apple, milk or curd whenever you are hungry πŸ™‚

  16. @tarun i cannot thank you enough for the information i get from your blog gal…i have 2 yr old darling baby and i lost 25kg after pregnancy but wait let me tell u in an very unhealthy way….and the result was terrible i was looking pale/grey and dead energy…now i still have 10 kgs on me and decided to lose it in a very healthy way with glowing skin…inshallah am here for this…but follow anamika since 3 yrs…your too awesome…!!
    will need u in my journey for weightloss..
    love for all

  17. did i read it correctly can we have ooats for dinner??? are they not same as whole wheat??? and can we have ghee for dinner???

  18. Zareen – Oats have 22 % carbs , 44 % fibre. This means 22 % fibre and net crabs 0
    Wheat has 23% carbs and no fibre. This means net carbs 23 %

    Now compare πŸ™‚
    N yes, Ghee is healthy, you can have it in dinner.

  19. Hey Zareen, thank you so much dear πŸ™‚
    ofcourse I am there for you, whatever help you need. IWB readers are fantastic, they will keep you motivated πŸ™‚

  20. Shally I understand what you talking…but there are few quick fixes if you really want to lose weight..

    for example, i keep boiled eggs, boiled rajma/channa, paneer , chicken every time in my fridge..i just dont want to excuse myself just because i am having a baby and a house to take care of with zillion other things..

  21. Hey..

    I have started following this blog some 4 months back… I read IWB everyday… when I say everyday means EVERYday morning and night. Its like a watchdog for me πŸ™‚ .. A way to stay positive and aimed at my goal..!
    last month onwards, I have been adding flaxseed and besan to my multigrain atta dough while making roti alternatively. Must say that tastes good (breaks monotony of roti) .. What do you say about this Tarun?

  22. I meant one day- flaxseed plus mutligrain atta
    second day besan plus multigrain atta… like that

  23. Hey thanks for your kind words Amrita πŸ™‚
    yes you must do these variations , health bhi and no boredom as well πŸ™‚ . Try raagi as well

  24. yea, heard about that a lot… but its difficult to eat it… i take the roasted ragi powder with milk and little honey for breakfast.. πŸ™‚ its like sattu..


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