The Three Hour Diet For Weight Loss


The Three Hour Diet For Weight Loss

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The three hour diet plan is one that has been designed by Jorge Cruise to eliminate belly fat. Belly fat is usually the biggest enemy for people these days. Abdominal fat is linked to an increased risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. The diet plan called the three hour diet targets just that.

The three hour diet involves eating small portions of food every 3 hours all day long. The plan is very controlled and has a regimented eating schedule. According to Cruise, eating at specific times throughout the day will help in keeping the metabolism running high and will reduce body fat.

three hour diet for weight loss

How the 3 hour diet works?

The promise of the 3 hour diet is that by eating food every three hours, dieters tend to lose belly fat and maintain a healthy weight. Dieters are told to have breakfast by 7 am, have a 100 calorie snack at 10 am followed by lunch at 1 pm, a second 100 calorie snack at 4 pm and then finally dinner at 7 pm. That is not it, a 50 calorie treat is allowed soon after dinner! Dieters are asked to stop eating 3 hours before hitting the bed.

This diet is based on the belief that if you go hungry for more than 3 hours, your body will get into the starvation mode. In other words, the body starts storing fat and burns muscle, thus slowing down your metabolism as if getting ready for a famine. According to Cruise, eating consistently will keep your metabolism move quickly and help in burning fat.

What the diet promises?

how to reduce belly fat

The diet promises to help get rid of belly fat without having to give up your favourite food or get into a full-fledged exercise routine. In the 3 hour diet program exercise is optional. The diet promises to bring down the level of your stress hormone (cortisol) within 2 weeks and as a result reduces your waistline.

Their website says that you can lose 10 pounds in the initial two weeks and then lose some more weight every week after that. The diet is being touted as something that takes care of both the physical as well as psychological aspects of losing weight. It claims that it is an easy diet to follow and you will be able to reach your goal.


Pros of the 3 hour diet

There are no prohibited foods in this diet. Even some of the demonized foods are allowed in little portions. Dieters can occasionally have fast food chicken, chocolate candies, bacon as well as red meat. It may sound alluring for those who are not willing to give up their favourite foods.

According to Cruise, there is nothing like bad foods, it is just bad portions. This methodology makes this diet quite sensible. It takes into account the fact that it is the calories that determine weight gain and it sets strict calorie limits for every meal and snack. The meal plan of the diet also encourages eating a balanced diet comprising of carbs, proteins and fats.

Cons of the 3 hour diet

The danger with this diet is that frequent eating can be an opportunity for abuse, if you have a tendency to overeat. When your portion size is not controlled, frequent eating can cause weight gain. Nutrition experts don’t even agree with the fact that regular and small portions can translate into weight loss. The other issue with the 3 hours diet is that it doesn’t emphasize on the importance of exercise. You all must be aware how important it is to exercise to lose weight and maintain it. Sadly, this diet doesn’t encourage it!

The bottom line

The 3 hour diet does a great job in tackling eating habits that lead to excess body fat. However, every weight loss diet and program should have some sort of physical activity in order to be successful.

What do you feel about the three hour diet?

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