The Woman Who Lost Her Leg But Won Her Dreams


The Woman Who Lost Her Leg But Won Her Dreams

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Attitude towards life really matters! You can cry all life over a misfortune or choose to be brave. The road you choose speaks highly about your personality. You would have heard a lot of stories about brave women and some of them might still be lingering in your minds. I am here to share with you the story of a young woman who is strong, courageous and optimistic. Her story is bound to inspire you as real life experiences have the ability to change mindsets and one’s perspective of life. Let us talk about Manasi Joshi.

Manasi Joshi badminton playerCredit: Humans of Bombay (facebook)

Manasi Joshi met with an accident that turned her life 360 degrees. Manasi lost one leg in the accident which is pretty heart shattering. However, she proudly announces that she is a national level badminton champion, who trained 5 hrs a day along with fulfilling the duties of a software engineer! She has also just finished her training in scuba diving and has travelled to every part of India. Isn’t she just amazing! In spite of the misfortune, she didn’t let her dreams die. Read on to see the full picture!

Manasi says that what made her able to tackle the whole ordeal is acceptance-that this is her fate. There were two options- to cry about the whole thing or take it with a pinch of salt and push herself. She chose the latter. When she was in the hospital people who visited her were getting emotional but she made them laugh by cracking jokes. She accepted the situation and moved forward! She underwent physiotherapy treatment and learned how to walk all over again. Her biggest fear was that whether she would be able to play badminton again which was her favourite sport. It was her passion since childhood. Somehow in spite of facing difficulty in walking, she could play!

She began winning a lot of corporate badminton tournaments and later also decided to try out at the National level. She won several medals at the National level and this year she won silver in the Para Badminton World Championship that took place in England. The girl has trained hard for badminton but the fruits of her hard work have been sweet!

Soon she will be scuba diving too like I already mentioned!

People ask her, “How are you able to do so much?”, and pat comes the answer from her- “What is stopping you?”

I am totally at loss of words to express my feelings for this courageous young woman. She didn’t chose to drown herself in self-pity or sorrow but went ahead to accomplish her goal in life. I think all of us should stop crying at our inabilities and push ourselves harder to let our dreams come true. After all, we live only once. If you see life like a problem, it will be one but if you look at it differently it will open new avenues for you.

Manasi has proved that no matter what happens to you, if you have determination in your mind and courage in your heart you can win any battle. Life throws challenges at us every day, let us catch them and turn them into opportunities just like how Manasi has done.

Aim high, think high! Let the sky be your limit!

Saluting Manasi Joshi!

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