The Zone Diet- What Is It All About?


The Zone Diet- What Is It All About?

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Do you that the word ‘diet’ is Greek and means ‘way of life’? A diet has to be looked upon as a style of living and not as a mere tool to lose weight. The zone diet aims at controlling gene expressions and balancing hormones so that one can live a longer and better life. Now isn’t that what we all aspire for? Pretty promising!

The term ‘Zone diet’ might bring in names of stars like Jennifer Aniston to one’s mind. I tell you most diets have been made famous by Hollywood stars!!

Zone diet food-pyramid

Let us see more about this diet and find out whether it really works or not.

The Zone diet- what it advocates?

Primarily it is about controlling hormones. Hormonal balance is linked to all elements of wellness like energy utilization, body composition, blood chemistry and lots more.

Don’t get shocked but advocates of this diet feels that food is a drug. Just like how consuming drugs can cause physiological changes in your body, consuming food can do the same. It can either bring a positive change or a negative change. The question put up is that whether you will take 17 crocins at a time to cure a headache or will those be expired and of low quality? Obviously not, right? Using the same logic, what do you expect when you feed yourself 17 times more than needed? That to processed junk with no nutrients at all!!

The zone diet is not a low carb or high protein diet. It is well balanced and contains the three essential macronutrients:

Lean and natural meats are included

  • Carbs

Mostly low GI fruits and veggies

  • Fat

With the right balance of the three macronutrients- proteins, carbs and fats the 3 major hormones generated by human diet insulin, glucagon and eicosanoids can be controlled.

Insulin– It is a storage hormone. Excess insulin will make you fat and keep you fat.

Glucagon– It is a mobilization hormone that tells the body to release stored carbs steadily. This leads to stabilizing the levels of blood sugar. It is the key for the best physical and mental performance.

Eicosanoids– These are the master hormones that control an array of other hormonal systems of the body.

How to make food choices in a zone diet?

zone diet plate

There are 3 lists- Protein list, Carbs list and a fat list.

A one block meal means- It contains one choice fro each list.

A two block meal means- It contains 2 choices from each list.

A 3 block meal means- It contains three choices from each list.

And this can go on!!! Blocks can be mixed and matched as per your wish! Depending on your hunger level you can manipulate. If your appetite is less, a 2 block meals will be just the thing you need. You can also begin the day with a 3 block breakfast and go light on lunch or dinner. 10 to 11 blocks of balanced food in a day is about right for a small woman. The number of blocks vary with body type.

In other words, the balance of food is changed, for instance proteins are added to balance the carbs at every meal and this is known to help you lose weight, reset the body’s metabolism and keep off serious health conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

Devotees of this diet follow a 30-30-40 breakdown i.e. getting 30 percent calories from protein, 30 percent from fat and the remaining 40 percent from carbs. This breakdown helps in controlling insulin levels and hunger. Advocates of the Zone Diet praise it for ease and variety whereas others feel it is restrictive and lacking in nutrients.

Fab or fad? Decide for yourself!

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