11 Things Doctors Do Not Have In Their Homes


Things Doctors Do Not Have In Their Homes


You must be wondering what kinds of precautions doctors take in their personal life. Well, here is a post for you. There are things that doctors do not have in their homes. Check them out here!

Things Doctors Do Not Have In Their Homes:

1) Swimming pool

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Doctors say that swimming pools can be quite dangerous as every day almost 10 people die due to unintentional drowning. Kids aged between 1 and 4 have the highest rate of drowning. Most of the cases of drowning take place in swimming pools at home. So, it is better to avoid building a swimming pool if you have kids at home.

2) Cola

Are sugary drinks bad for health-soft drinks

It is but natural for kids to mimic their elders. So, if you refrain from colas, you kids will follow suit. Doctors say that they are empty calories and cause cavities.

3) Highly processed meat

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Doctors say that processed meats should be avoided. They contain high amout of nitrates and sodium that are obviously not a very healthy option. Canned foods too should be avoided as they contain carcinogens.

4) Sweetened breakfast cereals

Most doctors have banned these from their homes. They are packed with sugar and this outweighs the benefits it has to offer, namely fibre. There isn’t any protein content in them and they have way too much of sodium.

5) Cleaning products containing bleach

These products are not kept by doctors in their homes harmful especially when there are kids at home who suffer from asthma. When it gets spilled, the chlorine gas gets released that can be very irritating to the throat. Long-term exposure can result in respiratory ailments.

6) Non-stick cookware


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Doctors say that Teflon coated pans i.e. non-stick pans are hazardous to health. The main reason why they say no to Teflon cookware is that they have chemicals in them. This kind of cookware can cause harm to the liver, thyroid and immune system. So, doctors don’t let them enter their kitchen.

7) Plastic food containers and bottles

Do Plastic Bottles Pose A Health Risk

Doctors do not use plastic food containers and water bottles. You would have heard about BPA or bisphenol A that is found in plastics. BPA is known to disrupt the normal endocrine function of the body. The chemical is also known to affect the brain. Even low doses of the chemical mess with hormones.

8) Sunscreen with oxybenzone

Doctors prefer using sunscreen products that are zinc based as they don’t get absorbed in the skin. The commonly found sunscreens in the market have chemical filters. Oxybenzone is a chemical which is banned in Europe. It acts as an estrogen in the body. It is known to affect sperm production in animals and is linked with endometriosis in women.

9) Styrofoam containers

People most often use styrofoam containers. Doctors are against it is made up of styrene monomers. While drinking coffee from a styrofoam cup, you consume small doses of the chemical too.

10) Some beauty products

fairness-creams harmful for skin

Doctors of the opinion that you should choose good products for beauty and personal care. You should use non-toxic products. Research says that 1 in 8 ingredients used in personal care products are industrial chemicals that include pesticides, reproductive toxins, carcinogens and hormone disruptors.

11) Food products with long shelf life

Doctors prefer to stay away from foods that are meant to stay in the kitchen cabinets or the fridge for too long. This is because there are most chances of it to have a variety of chemicals to keep it fresh for long.

Hope you liked this post on Things Doctors Do Not Have In Their Homes!

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