5 Things You Should Do To Avoid Winter Joint Pains


5 Things You Should Do To Avoid Winter Joint Pains

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Winters are here and they have their own charm! Sipping on steaming hot tea in this season whilst under the quilt is pure bliss. People don’t even feel like getting up from their beds in the morning! It is a season that gives you an opportunity to flaunt your winter wardrobe too. I have extra attachment to my sweaters and scarves as they are all hand knitted by mamma dear! So much effort goes in to making them and that extra love and care I find in them can be found nowhere else.

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Then there are winter vacations when schools and colleges close down. Many people make the most of the holidays by visiting hill stations. They thoroughly enjoy watching the snowfall and snowball fights. However, there is a flip side to it too, not everyone is happy in this season. Winters can be a harsh season for the elderly.


With a dip in temperature, there is a rise in joint aches. It is this time of the year when arthritis patients have to put up with aches and pains. The science behind the winter joint aches is uncertain but it is beyond doubt that cold climate worsens the symptoms of arthritis. It can be that with lower temperatures, muscle, joints and ligaments tend to get stiffer.

Here is how you can avoid winter joint pains:

1) Exercise enough

With the cold waves outside, it is naturally tempting to stay indoors instead of taking a walk. However, for function and mobility it is better to stay active. Reducing activity will only lead to more joint pain. Also, staying inactive during winters will make you pile on kilos and gaining weight is bad for your joints.

2) Wear warm clothes

Cover yourself up in layers this winter. It is most important to keep your core warm and also your joints with its muscle and ligaments. So, wear gloves, scarves and warm boots to fight the cold. You can go in for leg warmers too.

3) Make changes in your winter workout!

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In the colder months of the year it is better to do indoor aerobics. Try to stick to treadmills and exercise bikes during winters as the climate is too harsh for a jog or run outdoors.

4) Stretch well

Joints tend to get stiffer with advancing age. Stretching is essential for the elderly, the 60,70 and 80 year old people. Trying a hand at Tai Chi or related stretching exercises will help keeping your joints active. If you do Yoga, there is nothing better than that! Yoga is known to make people flexible.

5) Be careful with over the counter painkillers

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Many people get through the winter season with the help of over-the-counter pain killers. I am not naming them but you know what I am talking about. It may seem simple to get rid of aches by popping in a pill but your doctor should be aware that you are taking them. It becomes more important to bring it to your doctor’s notice if you have stomach ulcers, kidney problems or are on blood thinners.

Even if it seems like forever, don’t forget that it is a season that will definitely change. If you are suffering with pain, just be brave and keep moving, summer months are not far away!

Ending the post on a poetic note- If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

Hope you found this post useful!

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