Things You Should Try At Least Once At The Gym


Things You Should Try At Least Once At The Gym

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So you visit your gym on time each and work out with complete dedication. But are you on an autopilot mode when you hit the gym? There are many people like you, don’t worry! Most women have a fixed routine when they are at the gym. They do the same exercises with same weights and machines that did the yesterday. In a way having a routine is good as it takes you to the gym but if you do the same things every day you may end up getting bored. This can affect your fitness results.


If you want to add some excitement to your gym routine and get more out of your workout, do try the following things every woman should be doing at the gym at least once in a lifetime.

Be an early bird for the cycling class you always wanted to try out

Working out in the morning can fire up your metabolism and make sure that you get most of your workout. I am asking you to do this early in the morning as you can have a workout without rushing through your morning schedule (making breakfast and hitting to work!). Morning people will find this experience wonderful.

Seek the help of the personal trainer who is standing around to correct your form

If your form is not right you can probably injure yourself and it won’t be effective. The form makes a huge difference to your workout. The right form can make your workout awesome.

Try your hand at climbing the wall

Top Exercises To Lose Weight rock climbing

Rock climbing is a very effective workout for the body as well as the mind. Check out this post about rock climbing. It is truly inspirational.

Take your lazy friend to the gym

Working out with a buddy is a different experience altogether. Your friend might just love working out with you at the gym. Have any couch potato friends or they are all slim and trim 😛

Switch off your treadmill’s TV

If you watch TV while running on the treadmill, you may throw off your form and the intensity with which you work out may also get affected. Studies have shown that listening to music can perk up your workout and help you enjoy. You will get the desired output. So, turn on your favourite number while running of the treadmill.

Get a post workout massage

massage living drug free

You can most probably do this on weekend. After working out at the gym head to the spa to get a massage done. You will feel rejuvenated after that. Read Tarun’s experience at the spa.

Lift heavier weights

If you have not lifted heavier weights because you thought you will become bulky, it is time to go ahead. Try out a heavier weight but make sure you can do all the reps while maintaining your form. Without the ability to maintain your form, you should not lift extra weights. Get the help of your personal trainer.

You should always do what you wanted to do in life. Living life in the present is the most wonderful thing in the world. Variety is the spice of life after all! Instead of a mundane and boring workout each day it would be great if you experiment with new things. So, go ahead and try out doing new things at the gym to bring out your true self.

Will you try the things you should try at least once at the gym??

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