7 Things Your Blood Test Can Reveal!


Things Your Blood Test Can Reveal!

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You all know that a blood test can give details of your cholesterol levels, nutritional deficiencies and red cell/white cell count. However, there is a lot more information that can be drawn from the blood sample you give. It can reveal your biological age or tell whether you are depressed. It is surprising, isn’t it?

Each one of us has 1000 to 2000 proteins in our blood that can be measured. Each and every protein performs a lot of tasks. The more researchers learn about the proteins, the more they will be able to tell you about what is happening in the rest of your body.

Read on to find the surprising things your blood test could reveal!

Things Your Blood Test Can Reveal

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1) Your actual age

Your chronological age is the amount of time that has elapsed from the day you were born. On the other hand, your biological age refers to how old your body and internal systems are in comparison to other people of your age. You may be 52 chronologically but biologically you closely resemble a healthy 48 year old.

Smoking, being overweight and consuming sugar loaded drinks adds 2 to 6 years to your biological age. You can knock off a few years off your biological age by giving up the above unhealthy habits and exercising regularly.

2) Risk for Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer's Disease And The Carbohydrate dimentia

There is a small group of proteins that indicate if you can develop Alzheimer’s 10 years from now. The research is still in its infant stage but it can help a lot of people.

3) If you have suffered a concussion

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury and for some people, the obvious symptoms don’t appear in a few days or hours following the injury. Concussions are said to be linked with Alzheimer’s in later years! However, a simple blood test can now reveal whether you suffered from a concussion even seven days after the bump on your head.

4) Levels of dehydration


Dehydration is said to put stress on your heart, increases fatigue and can make thinking clearly hard. Many people stay dehydrated as they are not drinking enough fluids. A blood test can reveal whether you are dangerously dehydrated or not. It is of great use to the elderly who can’t make out when they have consumed very little water.

5) Whether you are depressed

It is difficult to find out whether your blues are the healthy ones that happen to all or a form of clinical depression. A recent study has identified a brain chemical that is found in the blood, which indicates if you are low on happiness hormones. This would help doctors treat clinical depression.

6) Risk for alcoholism

Alcohol for the calorie conscious

There is a blood chemical called PEth that is elevated among those who are prone to alcohol biologically. There is a jump in that chemical amongst college students who are engaged in binge drinking. The chemical is also linked to alcoholism to older adults and it may help doctors treat alcohol abusers.

7) Out of control anxiety

Anxiety can be spotted in the blood by looking for a certain type of protein that your body releases when you freak out. After checking the protein, doctors can determine whether your anxiety is running out of control or not.

How was it to know about the 7 Things Your Blood Test Can Reveal?

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