Thyroid And Fatigue-Everything You Need To Know

Thyroid And Fatigue-Everything You Need To Know

Thyroid And Fatigue-Everything You Need To Know

Being alive is to have energy in your body. Every body part needs energy to function. When you feel tired all the time, low hemoglobin is the first reason that comes to mind. Not many people know that thyroid hormone governs our BMR (basal metabolic rate) and has a direct connect with fatigue. let us tell you about Thyroid And Fatigue-Everything You Need To Know.

When you are active, adrenaline comes into play and even if you have thyroid , you still may be able to work without feeling fatigued. Thyroid fatigue is felt when you cannot sustain a busy day till night before you crash on bed. You would feel that you just don’t have the kind of energy that you had in the near past.

Thyroid And Fatigue-Everything You Need To Know
Thyroid And Fatigue-Everything You Need To Know

I came to know about my hyperthyroidism last year. I had gym membership and I can bluntly say, I forced myself to go to gym and then struggled to workout. I was someone who loved to sweat. Good music and good workout were my stress busters and suddenly everything changed. I am struggling with thyroid for over an year and I realize that the disease brings some other companions along.

Symptoms of Thyroid Fatigue

thyroid fatigue

One of the major symptom of thyroid fatigue is a tired buzzing heavy head a few hours after you get up in the morning. You will feel sluggish and will feel like sleeping the whole day. Depression is a tell tell sign of thyroid fatigue.

Another symptom is falling off to sleep as soon as you rest or sit down. Say for example, you just finished a work and sat down for a few mins, you will feel like dozing off. This is a clear thyroid fatigue.

If you wake up fresh and have good energy levels through out the day, you are able to think and have energy to do all your daily chores and feel tired later in the evening, its not thyroid fatigue but normal fatigue for which you need good  7-8 hours of sleep. When you don’t feel the same way, then there is a problem and it could be thyroid fatigue.

Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism Fatigue

Fatigue is extremely common symptom of hypothyroidism. When someone has hypothyroidism i.e low thyroid and undergoes treatment, the fatigue is most likely to get reduced or resolved completely.

When you have hyperthyroidism i.e high thyroid, you could feel tired despite a good sleep. Anxiety and insomnia are accompanied with hyperthyroidism fatigue.

Some thyroid patients have low iron  i.e hemoglobin that adds fuel to fire. I had low hemoglobin and hyperthyroidism together! Both devils made me feel lifeless every day, whole day long! I lost my enthusiasm to work totally.

Few tips to get rid of fatigue –

  • Consult an endocrinologist and take medications
  • Take good sleep.
  • Don’t have caffeine – tea/coffee late in the afternoon
  • Take iron supplements if you have low hemoglobin as well
  • Proper nutrition is must for normal T3,T4 and TSH levels
  • Repeat thyroid test every 3-4 months to keep a check. check out, Diet for thyroid patients !

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