IWB Client Sukriti’s Thyroid PCOD Weight Loss Success Story


IWB Client Sukriti’s Thyroid PCOD Weight Loss Success Story

Thyroid PCOD Weight Loss Success Story

I am Sukriti. A 22 year old law student. My weight loss journey began in October 2014 when I weighed 93 kilos. I realized I get breathless just by climbing a flight of stairs. My main issue was the lack of exercise and too much junk food.

PCOS Weight Loss Success Story India

I lived in a hostel where one could only live off chips & cola. Also, I was foolish enough to ignore my health. It was only in October 2014 that I realized that something needs to be done. I had been following the WiseShe blog since long & then I found out about the FitnessvsWeight Loss blog. The articles were much informative here than the others I found over the net. I kept coming back to the blog.

Then I found out that they also provide personalized diet plans. Along with, I read various success stories of women. I felt that I must give this a chance. However, I was skeptical at first. I didn’t trust myself enough to be able to follow a proper diet. I feared it wouldn’t be tasty enough or that I might starve.

PCOD Weight Loss Success Story  India

My parents encouraged me to go for it. So I mailed the IWB Weight Loss Team. I got a prompt reply and the diet plan was customized to my needs. Here I’d like to mention that other than being obese, I have been suffering from PCOS and thyroid problem. The IWB Team took that into account and made a plan for me.

The plan does not only include what you have to eat. But, also how much exercise one needs, how much water one must drink, and most importantly how one can work around the diet according to their appetite. So, you never starve.

You get recipes and various alternatives. All this makes the plan very doable. It just took me a week to fit the diet in my schedule.

The personalized attention does not just end at providing a plan. You have to keep updating a food journal for the IWB Team to see. Any doubts or issues are cleared within hours.

I have been eating healthy thanks to the IWB Team since the last 9 months and have lost 11 kilos in the process. I weigh 82 kilos now. I plan to continue with this till I reach my goal. But, healthy eating and exercising daily is now a permanent aspect of my life. My thyroid and PCOS problem is under check too. I do Zumba and aerobics everyday and put in a few walks as and when I can.

Once again I’d thank the IWB Team for all the support and for all the personal attention given to me daily and for keeping me motivated. For everyone who desires to live a healthy life, please stop thinking and start working. Take each day as it comes. You’re going to end up loving yourself much more. 🙂


Email us at fitnessvsweightloss@gmail.com if you are serious about changing your body for ever!

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IWB Weight Loss Program Success Story


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