Tips To Achieve Your Fitness Goals


Tips To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Hi everybody,

I am Sahiba, a dentist by profession and just as much a health lover as you all are. You will see me sharing my fitness related (and others too) thoughts with you guys often now.

Title of my today’s post might sound very catchy to you but to be honest I am not going to tell you about things that you know not of. I am going to talk of some basic things which you have heard many times but maybe I could put them across your mind in a better way.

Tips To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Tips To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

POINT 1: Make your fitness plans not according to what you want to be but according to what you are at present

Confusing sentence eh?  Let me explain. When after a cheat day.. ah no.. actually when after a couple of cheat days you sit down to plan workouts and meals, what do you do? You think I have to lose this much of weight or I have to tone up this much, so my plan is going to be this and that. In that enthusiasm we happen to create a list of idealistic things but forget to check if it is realistic or not.

Plan your workout and diet according to what you can stick to for long. The sessions may be kept short and diet can be more than just salad and juice but at the end of the day you will keep up to it. Consistency is what will pay the most my friend. (Where do you think this gyaan comes from? Well, yes I have made more than 547568.. plans and finally got to this point)

POINT 2: Keep an inspiration that acts as a constant pusher towards your goal

This one always works for me. You know whenever I am in a mood to ditch my workout sessions and when I require that extra motivation; I watch Jennifer Lopez’s movies. She has one amazing body that can motivate almost anybody to workout. No, I am not talking of her butt but everything else too. She has well build thigh muscles and super toned legs and abs. Phew.. she is alluring. Don’t get me wrong here, I am very much straight. 😛 It is just that I get inspired from her body and that pushes me to workout.

Having said that, I do not stand in favor of eating and working out the same way as celebrities do. Each one of us has a different body and lifestyle. We need to work in accordance to our personal needs and not like someone who lives some 5768999 miles away from us and whose lifestyle we’ll never get close to.

POINT 3: Whisper your workout plans in the ears of someone close

By this I mean- tell your family member or a friend about your day to day workout plans so that he/she could throw you out of the bed when you are almost on the verge of cheating. 😛 On a serious note, if you tell a person about your plans there are better chances of you not planning a cheat day. They will remind you of your goals from time to time and thus help you achieve better.

POINT 4: Plan your meals a day before and cheat only when you are going nuts for a particular delicacy

 Tips To Achieve Your weight loss Goals

It is easy to sit back and pledge “I am going to eat every 2 hours and healthy from tomorrow” but it is difficult to follow that up if you do not plan and arrange for exactly what you are going to eat after those every 2 hours.  For main meals, keep raw materials a day before and for mini meals, keep eatables handy. When you do not plan, there are chances that you might get busy in work and when you feel hungry you have no healthy option available. That is the time when you end up surrendering to junk/unhealthy stuff.

While on the contrary do not plan your cheat days like Sunday or Wednesday, cheat only when you are craving for something badly.

Ok, without making the post any longer I would end up with my favorite inspirational quote.

 Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Until next time, take care!

Welcome to IWB Sahiba :). Hope you have a great time here ! – Lots of Love, Tarun