Tips on healthy gifting options this Diwali


Tips on healthy gifting options this Diwali

send healthy diwali giftIt’s the season of gifts

Now that Dusshera has made its way out, and Diwali is almost here and knocking – it is time once again for us to gorge on those halwais’ lovely mithai and barfis – but wait! What if I told you, instead of gifting calories to your near and dear ones; there are indeed options to gift health to one another – would that pin your ears up?

As a health conscious man (almost 35), I hereby want each of you reading this to take a look at the various ideas I have conjured from friends on ‘healthy gifting options’. Please read on and do share your inputs as well, because as the old adage goes “We are what we eat” – so let’s look super gorgeous and sexy this firecracker season, shall we!

nuts diwali giftIn a nutshell

I plan to make a healthy fruit and nut basket; and we all know the various benefits of fruits and nuts, don’t we? The market online and otherwise would have plenty of such health baskets to buy and gift; but the charm of doing so would be in making one of your own. When you use your own energy, your mind would be stimulated and so would your body; health gifting and healthy thinking – two birds in one shot!

So here is what you do

  1. Get a large wicker basket (enough to contain 2 kilos of items) and fill the base with dry hay (absolutely dry). Now grab a packet of assorted nuts (unsalted), dry fruits of your choice. Diwali nutty!

herbs diwali gift

 2.  The gourmet shops in the locality we stay in have a plethora of exotic dry herbs – oregano, thyme, rosemary, basil, pineapple sage, lemon verbena and balsam, to name a few – grab a small box of each, and place them in the wicker basket.

diwali gifts exotic fruits

3.  Exotic fruits are available everywhere these days, and they can be expensive too – grab any two of them and place them in – dragon fruit and Rambutan for example, why not?

Oryza spa Bangalore

4.  If you can afford to gift out a spa session to your loved ones – do that! Check online with various vendors, or if you know someone locally who can make a little money and offer good services, help one another interact and meet each other. Throw in a spa certificate – who wouldn’t want to look fresh and rejuvenated after the Diwali stress?

iwb weight loss program

5.  We all have a little struggle now and then to handle and cope with, you thus should think of fitness. Maybe throw in a magazine or ask them to subscribe to IWB – we can help them tone and loose excess weight. 

diwali gift dvd


6.  Conglomeration of health and fitness DVDs and CDs – you can check online or walk into the nearest outlet around and grab a copy or two. Place them in the basket darlings – you’d be thanked later.

diwali gift and books

7.  A healthy cook-book; helps keep the loved ones in shape all through the year – Diwali or no Diwali!

red wine

8. A bottle of red wine! Need we say more – red wine has plenty of benefits, so instead of alcohol while the cards are played and the fireworks are lit – red wine it should be!

We still have a few more days for the festival of lights to shine up every home. Remember, and if possible, in your own hands leave behind a small hand-written leaflet, containing health benefits of what each dry-fruit and nut would offer the recipient. How much they should consume in a day? Where to pick up organic and unprocessed nuts and fruits from etc, and even for other items we mentioned.

Don’t forget to wrap the gift basket with cellophane paper (colour of your choice) – and yes, seal it with thoughts of love – it makes a difference.

From my family at IWB to all of you reading this – Happy Diwali!

 Hope you liked these tips on healthy gifting options this Diwali.

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