Tips To Prepare For 1 Week No Junk Challenge


Tips To Prepare For 1 Week No Junk Challenge

No junk

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for the overwhelming response on our 1 Week No Junk Challenge. The challenge begins on Friday – 10th. When we were deciding on this challenge we deliberately decided starting this event on a Friday because we realise that being weekend no one wants to cook at home and look forward to eating outside. resulting in falling prey to Junk Diet. So dearies, let us start from this weekend, say NO to JUNK food and see how fresh you will feel on Monday morning… No Monday Morning Blues….  🙂

If you have not joined yet, join us here. We have also created  1 Week No Junk Challenge event on Facebook. You can check it out here.

This post is to give everyone a few tips that will help you to stay focused and not cheat during this No Junk week!

Tips For Main Course

refrigerator full of healthy food. fruits, vegetables

  • Keep your fridge stocked with fruits and vegetables.
  • If you are a non-vegetarian, get your hands on eggs, chicken and fish.

Remember a paneer Parantha is way healthier than pizza!

Tips For Side Meals and Snacks

  • Make chutneys and dips. Coriander chutney or peanut chutneys are great dips. Check recipes here.
  • Keep boiled eggs always in your fridge. These will help you not to snack on junk.
  • Peanut salad can very well replace your chaat when your taste buds don’t listen to you. Don’t forget to buy some lemon 🙂
  • Paneer is vegetarian’s best buddy. You can make starters like paneer tikka or use it in your paneer dishes.
  • Cheese sauce, Mayonaise (recipe here), sour cream are great dips.  If you are a low carber, these dips are your best bets.
  • You can also keep marinated paneer/veggies/fish/chicken in your freezer. Whenever hungry, saute and enjoy 🙂
  • Please do not forget humble kheera and tomato. They come really handy when you are craving junk food.

Happy 1 Week No Junk Challenge, Stay healthy, stay Junk free.

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